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Don't assume something to be right

The globe is full of wrong

Crave to witness something right

That construct what you want.

In books we comprehend the wrong

Normal people deem the wrong

But those who construct the right

Are the solitary worth existing.

The wrong is what we have

The right is what we don't know

But that also not entirely precisely

Because forgery still exists.

There is nothing like completely right

Even letters are wrong

Even numbers are wrong

Just like water that appears clear.

Right needs to be created

Right needs to be constructed

Right needs to be made

From the wrong we know.

Right resides in our imagination

Wrong dwells in our knowledge

Because knowledge is restricted

But imagination embraces more than cosmos.

Right may lead to wrong

Even wrong may escort to right

It depends on the path one opts

Which can be BOTH-"RIGHT OR WRONG".

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