Rhymes of the Bride

Updated on November 10, 2017

Father of the Bride

Happily Ever After

GEORGE BANKS owns has a successful company.
With a beautiful daughter named ANNIE.
Annie just graduated from college.
At 22 yrs old she's ready for marriage.
Engaged to BRYAN Mackenzie.
A man from an upper-class family.
He only knew her for a short time.
That's too quick to become a bride.
George finally meets with his son to be.
No matter his status, he considers him to be.
To be a man that has no respect.
But truthfully, he doesn't want to let.
Meanwhile, his wife NINA accepts him.
She and George meet the parents of him.
JOHN and JOANNE Mackenzie.
John too was angry.
George found comfort in knowing that.
But he still went searching for more facts.
After a brief incident with his Dobermans.
George learns of the wedding expenses.
They plan for an extravagant wedding.
George is liking none of it.
The last straw is his wrongly sized suit.
When he bends back, he rips the suit.
Leaving the house to cool off.
Paying the cost for things he doesn't want.
He is later arrested.
Nina bails him out for the wedding.
George then becomes relaxed.
But Bryan later reveals the facts.
He revealed what happened to his parents.
Annie hears it but doesn't want to believe it.
George and Bryan go out for drinks.
George sees that he truly loves Annie.
George has a change of heart and accepts him.
He tells Annie that Bryan told the truth about him.
She calls the wedding back on.
They get married and live on.

Steve Martin
George Banks
Diane Keaton
Nina Banks
Kimberly Williams
George Newbern
Bryan Mackenzie

Father of the Bride 2

What Joy

Five years after the wedding.
GEORGE BANKS is constantly saying.
Saying that he's happy that nest is empty.
After five years, he's finally accepting.
That his Daughter is Happily Ever After.
But he finds out shortly after.
That his daughter Annie is pregnant.
George goes into a mild panic.
A young grandpa will be rough.
He and Nina decide they will give up.
Give up the home they raised kids in.
If something else happens again.
NINA finds termites a week later.
George puts it for sale without telling her.
But at dinner, he says it is sold.
Nina is livid because she wasn't told.
As a result, she puts George out.
Tells him he has 10 days to get out.
On moving day he and Annie.
Have some father and Daughter bonding.
They play a game of basketball.
They've been doing this since she was small.
The Mackenzies are on vacation.
While the banks deal with their Dobermans.
While they stay the night in their mansion.
A few days later, Nina finds she'd pregnant again.
Both banks women have expectations.
George believes he is too old for more kids.
Just as he believed he too young for grandkids.
He and Nina go tell Annie the news.
While George continues to do.
Continues to be insensitive.
George Apologizes and embraces the gift.
One day when he is out.
He notices the street to their old house.
Is blocked off. He sees a crew.
A demolition and wrecking crew.
George realizes what they are about to do.
They're about to destroy the home's value.
He wants to raise his new child in the house.
Offering to buy back the house.
Paying money up front.
The crew gives him what he wants.
They are getting settled in.
While Annie's husband Bryan.
Goes to Japan on a business trip.
Leaving George to have to deal with.
Simultaneous pregnancies.
The ladies are constantly screaming.
To be helped. George also has worked.
He has to stay sharp at home and work.
So he sleeps but at dinner.
Meanwhile, Annie goes into labor.
At the Hospital, Nina does too.
Bryan flies in to witness the truth.
Witnessing a baby boy.
Nina has a girl, what joy?

Steve Martin
George Banks
Diane Keaton
Nina Banks
Kimberly Williams
Annie Banks-Mackenzie
George Newbern
Bryan Mackenzie

Charles Shyer


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