Rhymes of Shield (Season 1)

Updated on February 28, 2018

Introduction (Pilot)

There’s a purpose for us all.
It’s to help those who fall.
Like the Avengers did in New York.
The also destroyed New York.
But they saved many people.
They made it more comfortable.
For those of power to not hide.
But some still choose to hide.
Like this father with his son.
When duty calls it’s no more fun.
He turns on his hero mode.
After seeing a building explode.
With his unique abilities.
He climbs the building just to reach.
Reach the woman inside.
Bringing her body on the outside.
Everyone is taking pictures.
Seeing the impossible deliver.
All look at the hooded hero.
Who fights for others from the shadows.
Its others like him all over.
Heroes trying to be undercover,
But the government is watching.
Agent Coulson looks to be putting.
Putting together a team.
That can be what he’s used to seeing.
He finds the loyal soldiers.
To team up and perform like the Avengers.
They give them a new ID.
For each member that chooses to be.
To be apart of something real.
They join the AGENTS OF SHIELD.

Unlimited Power (Episode 2)

The team is put together.
They are getting to know each other.
Before they head to Peru.
Coulson reveals what he been through.
Looking for an unknown origin.
Hoping its useful to the government.
Once they arrive.
Coulson takes a look inside.
He sees an ancient artifact.
They don’t know anything about it.
Meanwhile, the other members.
Stand face to face with another.
Another team from Peru.
Coulson reveals the truth.
He reveals that it’s alright.
Before rebels explode on sight.
They put the artifact.
Inside of their backpack.
Driving off into the sunset.
While the rebels are chasing.
They reach the plane.
They take off without any pain.
They find that the artifact.
Is really the tesseract.
Colson remembers that well.
The tesseract almost killed.
Almost killed him.
Coulson warns the rest of them.
Despite it all, it's all blue skies.
But the plane is hit with a sudden surprise.
The plane is held, hostage.
By an army of that, they thought was innocent.
There’s turbulence as they fly.
The army loses their lives.
Despite it all, they're alive.
With that artifact right by their side.

Global Destruction (Episode 3)

A man drives a truck.
He knows the roads are rough,
Seeing a car suddenly turns up.
He then sees it happen to his own truck.
Meanwhile, the shield team.
Gets acquainted with everybody.
They find out what happened.
Speaking to the trucker that seen it.
He says that they knew it’s route.
But he could not see what it was about.
They determine what it is.
Coulson says that it’s something big.
He investigates the incident.
He finds a man that sold equipment.
The man was paid in gold.
They find the guy that gave the gold.
He's a wealthy man.
Who plans global destruction.
The destruction comes with a prize.
Shield sees his greed behind.
He's hiding behind his charities.
He has an underground facility.
Shield sends one of theirs in.
To find the secrets within.
She’s tracked down by Quinn.
She reveals that Shield is listening.
But shes gets Quinn talking.
Coulson finds what’s happening.
He stops Quinn's plan.
From causing global destruction.

Second Chance (Episode 4)

After stopping a global catastrophe.
In Swedens another is brewing.
A man wearing a red mask.
Happens to hold some diamonds.
While on the subway.
A woman finds the need to take.
Take the diamonds from the man.
They assume that the woman plans
She plans to stash it away.
Stashing it for a rainy day.
Coulson taught her all that she knows.
They hope to find her before her greed grows.
Meanwhile, she makes an arrangement.
To exchange the diamonds.
Shield is tracking her down.
They set up shop in a town.
The woman knows they are there.
She finds them in them in the middle of nowhere.
She runs their van off the street.
Shield finds out what she seeks.
Her eye is really a camera.
Coulson feels the need to save her.
Feeling that she’s being controlled.
The team reluctantly agrees.
Coulson and his team.
Brings her back to their base.
Where she helps shield locate.
Locate who’s in charge.
Giving her a chance to be apart.
To be apart of shield.
But first, she has to be cleared.
Cleared of all the charges.
Coulson guarantees to make it happen.

Scortch (Episode 5)

A second chance was given.
To the very special woman.
Who was controlled all these years?
Victory doesn’t stop fears.
Crime is still running ramped.
Shield continues being active.
There’s a guy that does magic.
That is ambushed and abducted.
The active shield.
Gets to know their peers.
They discuss this magician.
They find that he really was taken.
Taken by professionals.
Who has a desire to know?
What shield is really up to.
Shield wants to know the truth.
Meanwhile, the magician.
Is forced to make a decision.
To change his name to scorch.
While shield tries getting him to abort.
To abort his evil mission.
To be apart of a positive mission.
They first go to find.
Who’s giving information inside?
The information’s classified.
One of the members leaked from inside.
From inside of shield.
Which results in shield.
Shield having to arrest the member.
While scortch prepares for battle.
He’s enjoying his powers.
Shield questions one of its members.
They find that their files were sold.
To a woman that looked like gold.
That woman discovered scorch.
That woman convinced scortch.
That shield is the enemy.
When she’s the one what that’s the enemy.
She told him about his gift.
Then she attempts.
Attempts to take it all.
Shield rescues him before it all.
Despite them rescuing him.
He decides to turn on them.
He feels they kept it hidden.
He leaves the facility on a mission.
To find the woman that tried draining him.
Shield finds it fitting to stop him.

The Hub
The Bridge
The Well
Yes Men
The Magical Place, End of the Beginning, Turn, Turn, Turn, Providence, The Only light in Darkness, Nothing Personal, Ragtad, Beginning of the End

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