Rhymes of the Planet of the Apes

Updated on November 22, 2017

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

WILL RODMAN a scientist.
A scientist for Gen-sys.
Test a drug on Bright Eyes.
Hoping that he will find.
A cure for Alzheimer's disease.
Bright Eyes goes on a rampage.
That drug caused effects.
That none of them did expect.
They ended up shooting it.
Eventually, killing it.
Decides to have them all slaughtered.
While ROBERT FRANKLIN discovers.
The real reason for the rampage.
Was because she was having a baby.
The baby's name was CEASER.
Born with all that his mother.
All his mom's intelligence.
Will takes notice of it.
Then decided to take him.
But one day he decides to give him.
Gives him to the forest.
Allowing him to be with.
To be with his own kind.
He progresses with the time.
In five years. He's all grown.
Sees a dog on a leash like his own.
He then Questions his ID.
While learning how to speak.
Ceaser injures a neighbor.
While defending his grandfather.
He's then placed in a primate shelter.
Where he's tormented by another.
By another chimp named ROCKET.
He befriends Maurice from the circus.
Ceaser then unlocks his cage.
Expanding his own range.
He then confronts Rocket.
Claiming his position.
Becoming the Head in charge.
While will suffers a hard.
A hard lost. His dad dies overnight.
Will's sadness makes him lose sight.
But eventually, he regains it.
A scarred bonobo he tested.
KOBA was tested by Franklin.
But Franklin becomes ill.
Sneezes blood in the face of will.
Franklin suddenly dies.
Meanwhile, Will tries.
He tries to reclaim Ceaser.
But he can't apprehend Ceaser.
Ceaser wants to stay.
He knows he's the only way.
The apes need his leadership.
Loves will but he will not jump ship.
But he returns briefly to Will's home.
Taking some canisters back to his home.
Releasing the fumes inside them.
To make them wise just like him.
While they attempt to cage him.
He turns and says no to them.
He then gets into a struggle.
He and others flee to battle.
They arrive in the redwood forest.
Will arrives at the forest.
Warning Ceaser that they're hunted.
That the humans are coming.
Begging Ceaser to come home.
But Ceaser says HE IS HOME.

James Franco
Will Rodman
Andy Cerkis

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Ten Years later after the virus.
The world had a drop in its population.
With few immune to the virus.
The virus brought intelligence.
Intelligence to the Apes.
Which helped them to create.
To create a place for their kind.
Where they talk and all the time.
One day Blue eyes and Ash.
Attempts to move pass.
Pass MALCOLM & his team.
Ash is wounded by his team.
CEASAR then brings.
His apes to intervene.
He and Malcolm are face to face.
Ceasar tells them to go away.
They all turn and walk away.
In a community surrounded by a tower.
Ceaser brings armed apes to the tower.
He announced the apes do not war.
But their home, they will fight for.
Malcolm takes a small team.
To gain access to a dam in their territory.
Not before asking Ceaser.
Who agreed if they surrendered.
Surrendered all of their guns.
Later, Malcolm makes a bond.
A bond with the apes.
But Ceaser finds a gun in his place.
He then orders the Humans to leave.
But Later he's allowing.
Allowing them one extra day.
One extra day to work.
Because Ceaser's wife hurts.
While DREYFUS arms his community.
KOBA goes to Ceaser, accusing.
Accusing Ceaser of loving humans.
He plans his on retaliation.
Ceaser severely fights Koba.
But refused to kill Koba.
Koba then returns to the armory.
Killing a few men secretly.
Meanwhile, the generator's finished.
Malcolm's team powers it.
That power flows through the city.
As they celebrate, Koba is setting.
Setting on fire their home.
While shooting Ceaser from his throne.
Koba then takes the lead.
He immediately starts commanding.
Commanding his ape's attack.
First, he led them back.
Back to the tower.
They plunder the armor.
The apes breach the building.
They imprison humans and children.
While Dreyfus flees underground.
Kobe is taking down.
Taking down any ape loyal to Ceaser.
Malcolm then finds Ceaser.
Ceaser tells that Koba shot him.
Koba is corrupt and violent.
Malcolm sneaks into the settlement.
To find the proper medicine.
Later, Ceaser confronts Koba.
Confronts him on the Tower.
While Dreyfus blows the tower.
Koba starts shooting at other apes.
Ceaser ends his fate.
Rejects him as an ape.
Then drops him to his death.

Jason Clark
Andy Serkis
Toby Kebbell

War for the Planet of the Apes

Two years after the military tried.
To fight off an intelligent tribe.
The tribe of apes. The ape clan.
Came together to fight man.
SERVICE APES called Donkeys.
Who previously followed an enemy.
Kopa. The human-hating ape.
Before stopping it. CEASER ended his fate.
While the service Apes attacked.
A donkey gorilla they catch.
Along with four human soldiers.
Ceaser comes and releases the soldiers.
Then sends a message to their leader.
COLONEL knows that he killed Koba.
Koba was one of his best soldiers.
Soon After, the apes find a safe haven.
Across the desert that is perfect.
Colonel and his team.
Blended in with Ceaser's team.
Infiltrated apes behind a waterfall.
They discover them and kill them all.
All except their leader.
Whom Ceaser encountered.
Encountered before he escaped.
He discovers that he killed his wife.
Then feels that WINTER has shifted his might.
Ceaser then departs to exact revenge.
While the other apes head for the desert.
The apes then enter a village.
The meet a soldier and kill him.
Ceaser's party sneaks inside a camp.
They find Winter in the camp.
He then explains the past soldier's fight.
He joined them because they spared his life.
Winter to call the soldiers.
But he's restrained by the others.
Ceaser accidentally smothers.
Killing his good friend Winter.
Ceaser begins to worry.
That he's becoming Koba by killing.
His fellow apes and seeking revenge.
Despite it, they are pursuing.
Pursuing Colonel the leader.
In the midst, they find survivors.
But one of the surviving soldiers.
Showed that others were at the border.
He leads them to the border.
They see others held captive.
Inside a familiar place.
They get closer to the place.
His only help is killed.
He's alone but he still.
Still goes forward.
While doing so, he discovers.
That the captured apes belong to his clan.
Ceaser's captured and is told the plan.
Colonel reveals that the virus.
It has mutated.
It's causing humans to be mute.
Ceaser realizes the truth.
Colonel barricades the facility.
To fend off humans of the Army.
Ceaser is tortured with starvation.
Colonel looks for ways of escaping.
He and Ceaser do so eventually.
Ceaser stands firm for his tribe.
And the Colonel commits suicide.

Andy Serkis
Woody Harrelson

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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