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RHYMES of the Toys

I am an experienced poet. I know all formats but love writing Rhyme Poetry


Woody’s RHYMES

All toys are living things.

They just hide when human beings.

Come along their paths.

A life, we all have.

Our owner is Andy.

I'm aware that a party.

Is coming up for his birthday.

So I plan for the big day.

I feel that somethings brewing.

A new toy maybe rising.

Someone maybe moving.

Surely, we all will be watching.

I'm old-fashion cowboy.

I am his favorite toy.

We all will be in one place.

To avoid toys being misplaced.

Well, today is the day.

Hopefully, we will all stay.

Stay together as one,

So far, the party’s been fun.

It looks like nothing is changing.

The gifts aren't showing.

Signs that one will be replaced.

There were smiles on each toys face.

Until a surprise gift.

Things changed when he opened it.

A space ranger for growing boys.

Maybe Andy’s new, favorite toy.


I remember being opened.

My space station was broken.

I met other aliens.

They were nice, but dangerous.

Especially that cowboy.

Who kept saying I was a toy.

I immediately stood out.

& the cowboy felt left out.

I went wherever Andy went.

That cowboy became envious.

He knocked me out the window.

He tried his best for them to know.

That it wasn’t an act of evilness.

Me falling out was an accident.

The truth, they didn't care to know.

Their anger began to show.

They all turned against woody.

They accused him of murdering.

Murdering because of Jealousy.

Because he wanted attention from Andy.

He was back by his side.

Andy may take him for a ride.

But he heard the others cries.

So he went and found me alive.

Me and him engage in a fight.

While the family goes off in the night.

The family goes to a restaurant.

We take a delivery truck.

I felt I wasn't a toy.

Until we met a bad boy.

I found I really was.

He told me out of love.

The boy had us in a crane game.

He is known to bring toys pain.

That boy is a doom bringer.

So we must come together.

Come together to escape.

I is in a bad state.

Just knowing that I am a toy.

I was created to bring Joy.

To many kids like Andy.

That boy was planning.

To Launch me in a rocket.

He makes sure he stops it.



We were prepared for Woody.

He was apart of our history.

He completed the round up gang.

All of us would've changed.

I know we are wanted.

To be a part of an exhibit.

An exhibit in Japan.

So he was apart of the plan.

Our owner was a collector.

He would spend much time over.

Over to yard sale.

But one had what blazed the trail.

The trail that we needed.

He brought woody in broken.

Like us, he repaired him.

We were to be transported.

Woody didn't know his history.

Until he watched T.V.

Woody learns much other stuff.

He saw our roundup.

We had our on show.

We were set, ready to go.

To Tokyo,Japan.

Woody ignored the plan.

He wanted to get Andy.

That decision hurt Jesse.

She hated the decision.

Since she knows, they want a collection.

They’d return to storage.

As he left, I gave him a warning.

I am stinky pete.

I told him about Emily.

Emily owned Jesse.

Once she grew, there was a lesson.

So I warned that humans.

Grow up and reject us.

I warned him about going back.

He was reluctant because of that.

His friends were trying to save him.

They reach us and search for him.

New toys confront the old ones.

They find him, but he says he's done.

He stands and denies to leave.

My speech made it easy.

He was reminded of his purpose.

In a museum, he will never experience.

A child's love. He’d be forsaken.

The TV showed what was wanted.

Woody changes his decision.

& he gives the gang a suggestion.

One that I ended up intercepting.

We were packed into a suitcase.

The gang was on their way.

To the international airport.

Suddenly, we are all forced.

Forced to give him up.

Before it, he offered up.

Us all to Join Andy.

Out of three, I was the only.

The only one to decline it.

I just didn't want another human.



I once smelled like fruit.

Now I smell like juice.

That dripped from garbage.

I deeply regret it.

I was given a chance.

To take the right stand.

I was in a great place.

But I made monumental mistakes.

I remember new toys came.

They were experiencing a change.

Their owner was all grown up.

He was moving on and things got tough.

Tough for all the gang.

They felt he’d throw them away.

But he kept out woody.

While his mom was mistaking.

Mistaking the bag as trash.

The others escaped the bag.

Just like they thought he did it.

So they found a new location.

Woody tried convincing them.

That andy was putting them.

In the attic for storage.

But the gang just ignored it.

He chased them to Sunnyside.

We welcomed them inside.

I gave them a tour.

Showed them all was pure.

They loved it. Woody hated it.

The gang, quickly adjusted.

But once played with, that changed.

The new toys experienced pain.

So buzz came to me.

Asking that we would be.

Transferred for a better experience.

Their room had a younger audience.

Meanwhile, woody was having tea.

But obviously wanted to be.

With andy while he was near.

But suddenly started to fear.

Turns out, he heard about me.

So he shifted immediately.

He feared his friends were in trouble.

Saving them was a struggle.

Before in, they figure out.

That the trash is the only way out.

So the gang develops a plan.

Me and my team took a stand.

It’s a battle to get to the dumpster.

But they get out of Sunnyside together.

Me, I'm still alive.

But since than, I've been on long rides.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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