RHYMES of the Carribean

Updated on December 3, 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

ELIZABETH SWANN is a royal child.
She meets another lost child.
The child survived a shipwreck.
She asked his name and he told it.
WILL TURNER holds around his neck.
A medallion from a pirate.
She obtains it to protect him.
She then sees a mysterious ship.
Goes to Elizabeth and proposes.
Before she replies she faints.
Falls into the sea and activates.
She activates the medallion.
She screams from drowning.
JACK SPARROW rescues her.
While Norrington wonders.
Wonders how he's still alive.
They all thought that he died.
Norrington then chases Jack.
But doesn't quickly catch Jack.
Jack has an encounter with Will.
Despite winning a duel, he's still.
Still captured and imprisoned.
While Elizabeth has visions.
Visions of the Black Pearl.
The boat she saw as a little girl.
But one night it was a reality.
The Black Pearl came searching.
Searching for the medallion.
They see Elizabeth.
Then noticed what she's wearing.
They capture and take her to BARBOSSA.
Elizbeth hides who is her father.
She claims her last name is Turner.
Barboosa takes her a prisoner.
There, Elizabeth learns.
That Barboosa had cursed treasure.
That cursed them in the night.
Seen as corpses in the moonlight.
The medallion is the missing key.
Around her neck is the final piece.
The final piece that will lift the curse.
She's the final key but they still search.
Still searching for them all.
But will sets out to set her free.
He and Jack are first discussing.
Discussing a plan to even get in.
A plan to stop him from winning.
They recruit their own crew.
They find Jack was the captain of the crew.
Of the crew on the Black Pearl.
Barbossa was also on the black pearl.
As they get closer to it.
Will and Jack witness it.
Barboosa is attempting.
To lift the curse that is plaguing.
But the curse is not even lifted.
Because she wasn't the owner of it.
The pearl pursues the interceptor.
Will makes a deal with Barboosa.
Barboosa also has a deal with Jackie.
They both end up fighting.
But Jack ends up winning.
Will gets closer to Elizabeth.
& the curse of the undead is lifted.

Johnny Depp
Jack Sparrow
Geoffery Rush
Orlando Bloom
Will Turner
Keira Knightly
Elizabeth Swann

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest

Elizabeth and Will are getting married.
But their day is halted by an army.
An Army led by LORD BECKETT.
Beckett, has them arrested.
For helping JACK SPARROW move on.
Jack is wanted as well.
But the cant find him but his Black Pearl.
Still roaming the ocean.
Jack gets some instructions.
Meanwhile, Beckett promises.
To release Will on a condition.
Will finding the magic compass.
Beckett knows who has it.
Will agrees to steal it.
He quickly starts pursuing it.
He finds Jack and his crew.
While his wife looks for it too.
She's disguised as a boy on a ship.
Making her way to find Jack's ship.
She finds it and finds him too.
Drinking with James and his crew.
They find that JONES has a weak heart.
In the dead man's chest, there's a new heart.
Jack thinks of ways to get it.
He goes out to find the key for it.
He's approached by Will.
He ends up tricking Will.
Will goes aboard the Dutchman.
He meets his father on the Dutchman.
Jones frees Jack from their agreement.
Meanwhile, Will is learning.
Learning that Jones has the key.
Will takes and escapes with the key.
Jone sends out the Kracken.
Will escapes from the Kraken.
Beckett gets control over the seas.
What was in that Chest supplied their needs.

Johnny Depp
Jack Sparrow
Orlando Bloom
Will Turner
Bill Nighty
Davey Jones

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

BECKETT now runs the seas.
Executing all associated with piracy.
Giving orders to destroy all pirate ships.
As prisoners sing before executed.
Their singing compels nine pirate lords.
To attend Brethren court.
While a crew of the Black Pearl.
Planned to get Jack out of jail.
SAO FENG leads them to the locker.
Feng finds interest in Elizabeth.
The crew escapes an invasion.
Feng is given JACK.
In exchange for bootstrap.
He is Will's father.
The crew travels to the locker.
Rescuing Jack moments after.
They then find themselves trapped.
Encountering dead souls while trapped.
TIA DALMA reveals that CALYPSO.
Charged jones with the job to guide souls.
Once every ten years, he comes ashore.
To be with the woman he's been looking for.
But corrupted his purpose and became accursed.
He became a monster because of the curse.
The pearl stops on the island of fresh water.
There, the crew discovers.
They discover the Kraken laying dead.
Looks like Beckett made orders to have his head.
They're then attacked by Feng and Beckett's men.
Elizabeth's then given to Feng.
Who later believes she has changed.
She believes she'ds the Goddess of Calypso.
While the rest of the crew aboard to go.
They Abort the Pearl & head to Shipwreck Cove. '
Later, Jones attacks Feng's ship.
Wounding Feng in the process.
Feng appoints Elizabeth as Pirate Lord.
She gets the Crew on one accord.
Bootstrap reveals that whoever killed Jones.
Must take his place on the throne.
The Dutchman must always have a captain.
Elizabeth if freed by Norrington.
Barbosa asks the Court to release Calypso.
Tia later reveals that she is Calypso.
Her and Jones promise to be together again.
Jack votes the King's Elizabeth.
The fleets emerge for war.
Calypso starts an enormous maelstrom.
The Pearl and the Dutchman battle in the midst.
Meanwhile, Will and Elizabeth.
They're having a wedding before aiding Jack.
Upon arrival they see Jones fighting Jack.
Jones does get the upper hand.
But Jack and Elizabeth have a plan.
They escape and is sucked into the maelstrom.
While Beckett tries to destroy the Pearl.
But two pirate Ships destroy his world.

Johnny Depp
Jack Sparrow
Steven Skarsguard
Bootstrap Bill
Bill Nighy
Davey Jones
Chow Yung-Fat
Sao Feng

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

JACK SPARROW stood in front of the king.
The king is interested in him guiding.
Him guiding an expedition.
To the famous youth fountain.
Before another king locates it.
BARBOOSA heads the expedition.
Jack refuses the offer and escapes.
Jack learns that someone impersonates.
Impersonates him to get another crew.
Something that not just anyone could do.
It had to be someone that has been close.
Has been close to him for some years.
She was kin to the ruthless BLACKBEARD.
ANGELICA his daughter.
She is the imposter.
Jack goes aboard the ship.
Gibbs escapes from the ship.
Finding the fountain's location.
Then goes to Barboosa with it.
Barboosa and Gibbs team up.
Jack guides his crew to follow up.
Blackbeard seeks the power.
To get around his fatal encounter.
Jack searches for two chalices.
Those two are needed.
Needed to drink the fountain's water.
These chalices will display its power.
Jack first sees a decaying vessel.
The Spanish wasn't on the vessel.
He suspects the Spanish took the chalices.
So he an Barbossa goes steal it.
After a brief battle, they obtain it.
Jack takes them and he bargains.
He will release them under conditions.
Blackbeard agrees to the conditions.
Jack leads them to the fountain.
The Spanish arrive at the fountain.
Intending to destroy it all.
But in the end, it all stands tall.

Johnny Depp
Jack Sparrow
Penelope Cruze
Geoffrey Rush
Captain Barboosa
Ian McShane

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