RHYMES of Shield (Season 2)

Updated on February 28, 2018

Not Ending (Episode 1)

Shield has success with its soldiers.
But when they ran into the Germans.
Coulson decided to stay in the dark.
Fighting the enemy from afar.
They see a transaction.
They attempt to intercept it.
But a guy gets away.
With intel from far away.
With a level 10 classified.
File on the inside.
They stay in the dark to find.
The guy that took what’s classified.
Meanwhile, shields a discussion.
Some think they cause destruction.
That guy is bulletproof.
They figure what they must do.
Before they pursue the soldier.
Changes are made by Coulson.
To get to London a different way.
Because they're watched each step they take.
They make plans to end it.
First, they retrieve the package.
After the bulletproof man.
Reveals what is his true plan.
Shield will be flying coach.
Their efforts will be cloaked.
Just to pursue the file.
They find who has the file.
The man is an old friend.
Who knows Agent Coulson.
Shield strategizes their attack.
They expect them to fight back.
They find that he's not just bulletproof.
He absorbs anything that falls into.
Falls into his hands.
They’re dealing with a dangerous man.
Despite it all, they find him.
They show their good intentions.
They are the good guys.
But they still live in disguise.
But they don’t recover the file.
Their fight doesn’t end right now.

Creel (Episode 2)

Despite things changing.
Shield is still fighting.
They look to have lost.
Coulson sees that it will cost.
It will cost one of his own.
They can’t do it alone.
Meanwhile, Creel’s on the lose.
With the file, shield’s been attempting to.
Attempting to find.
They plan to retrieve it but strategize.
Strategize their approach.
Shield begins to go.
Go deeper into it.
Coulson makes some hard decisions,
He is told to loosen up.
To stop being so rough.
They are working on cloaking.
To hide the moves they are making.
They have tracked down Creel.
But his powers kills.
Kills a waitress in a shop.
His powers he may not stop.
It seems uncontrollable.
Coulson thinks it's not intentional.
His team begins to question.
The decisions that he’s making.
Creel finds that he’s infected.
He can no longer control it.
Coulson may have been right.
Stopping him will save his life.
They find who he’s working for.
They find a reason to move a lot more.
A lot faster.
They stop creel before the transfer.

Iceman (Episode 3)

Creel’s no longer a concern.
But the case took a bad turn.
The file fell into the hands.
Of a wealthy old friend.
That is mad that his last plan.
Came to an abrupt end.
Ended by Agents of Shield.
While Hydra looks to steal.
Looks to steal a former member.
Holding hostage the former member.
Guaranteeing great benefits.
Only if she chooses.
Chooses to join his team.
She instead chooses to be.
Be loyal to Shield.
She will not assist him to kill.
Meanwhile, one of the current members.
Is training to become a soldier.
While Coulson finds the case.
He finds it to be a disgrace.
They figured she retired.
But he knew that Hydra.
Hydra tried to steal his best again.
He expresses his frustration.
They hear of another case.
Of a male that continues to make.
Make people turn into ice.
Throughout the day and night.
Just as well as they look for him.
Hydra maybe looking for him.
Hydra sure can use his gift.
Shield develops a plan to save him.
But it surely won't be easy.
This Ice Man is already guilty.
Guilty of killing men.
That made recent attempts.
Attempts to question him.
He felt that they wanted him.
So shield made sure their approach.
Only triggers a positive approach.
The Iceman does try.
But Shield is ready to reply.
He maybe Hydra’s property.
Shield is forced to end this tragically.

Hydra (Episode 4)

The Tragic ending is more tragic.
They can’t find the body that had fallen.
Had fallen from the boat.
It was Iceman. His body didn’t show.
Hydra is still at large.
They continue to make things hard.
Brainwashing former Shield members.
Keeping themselves in the picture.
Meanwhile, a priest church.
Is robbed but something of worth.
It’s spared and they don’t know why.
But behind the painting may reveal why.
Shield continues to monitor.
The planet to capture.
Capture mutant humans.
With powers that have no limits.
Coulson goes to a party.
While his soldiers are out there working.
Working on finding the painting.
Coulson understands it’s meaning.
He gets a little advice.
But it’s not enough advice.
But every little bit helps.
Coulson gets the painting so no one else.
So no one else can retrieve it.
Their cover is blown.
They sense urgency before they go.
Once they try receiving the painting.
They find that its missing.
Later finding that its hydra.
Hydra has gone and hired.
Hired someone to take it.
Before shield gets to it.
After much research.
They find a plan that’s sure to work.
They obtain the painting.
But Hydra is still Moving.

The Butcher (Episode 5)

After they have a party.
They get back to saving.
Saving all mankind.
But they know that Hydra still tries.
Still tries to defeat them.
Trying to get folks to surrender.
To surrender to their cause.
To bring shield to an end after all.
What was taken from creel?
Hydra wants it back or he’ll kill.
Kill the one that has it.
He confirms that he knows who is it.
Meanwhile, the world’s understanding.
That shield is out there protecting.
Protecting the people.
But they're forced to solve a fatal.
A fatal crime at a party.
People died just by drinking.
Drinking something simple as wine.
That wine contained something toxic.
It killed those that drank it.
Some were even sickened.
Shield knows that Hydra’s behind it.
It’s an incident no one’s seen.
They try to find what it really means.
Eventually, they find it.
They find out what Hydra’s chasing.
Creel was supposed to transfer it.
But shield intercepted it.
They killed off Creel.
A woman took the real.
That’s why Hydra confronted her.
Telling her she had 48 hrs.
She tries to return it.
Hydra finds that Shield.
The woman comes to Shield.
To explain how she feels.
Coulson is sympathetic.
Saving her and putting an end to it.

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