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Updated on March 7, 2018

Reese and Finch (Episode 1)

A gang enters the subway.
Running people off the subway.
But one man just wouldn’t move.
The gang then attempt to.
Attempted to move him by force.
They didn’t show any remorse.
As soon as they started to try.
They saw another side of the guy.
The guy takes them all on.
They all then move on.
To the NYPD station.
Where that guy is suddenly taken.
After being Question by detectives.
A man comes to represent him.
But he's more than a man.
He is one with a plan.
The man’s name is Mr.Reese.
The men take him to meet.
Mr.Finch who knows who he is.
He offers a better way to live.
Reese attempts to reject it.
But is forced to accept it.
Reese will fulfill his purpose.
He immediately starts working.
To save a district attorney.
He changed his image but isn’t hiding.
He starts narrowing it down.
First, he finds who she is around.
An inmate that’s in jail.
Reese finds that someone tries to kill.
Tries to kill the attorney.
Reese focuses on saving.
He gets a gun and starts working.
He finds that some of the killers.
Are really cops working together.
Corrupt cops of the NYPD.
Using the criminals in the city.
Not really arresting them. He
Instead, they're killing them.
So that they will not reveal.
That they are not really real.
Reese confronts the crooked cop.
He murders the cop.
That attorney is the leader.

Just in Time (Episode 2)

Reese cuts the cop slack.
He covers the cops tracks.
As he questions Mr. Finch.
He wondered why he was chosen.
Reese chooses to stay.
To help put the criminals away.
Criminals walking the city.
By a machine that is watching.
Watching every move.
Reese was chosen to do.
To find what the government fails to.
Meanwhile, Reese is having fun.
Being the man to find each one.
Each one of the ignored crimes.
Saving the PD a lot of time.
But this time he’s faced.
To find a girl that is placed.
Placed underground.
She was killed but someone around.
Around New York City.
Maybe using her identity.
But the machine found her alive.
Reese makes an attempt to find.
Find her before she’s really killed.
Her mom confirms it.
She was buried in an empty coffin.
The PD pulled the file.
Reese finds a guy skating around.
A guy that does lead.
Him to the girl, but she leaves.
The good news is she’s alive.
She’s doing what she can to survive.
Reese makes a promise.
To find the men that really did it.
The men that killed her family.
Finch finds a lead to who may be.
Who may be the mastermind?
The killer sits inside.
Inside of a jail cell.
He killed her dad but refused to kill.
He Refused to kill the girl.
Reese rescues the girl.
He finds the mastermind.
He handles it just in time.

Mastermind ( Episode 3)

The girl is no longer missing.
She goes back to the NYPD.
Shes in their custody.
Before being sent to the family.
The Machine tracked another case.
Reese gets on the case.
Chasing the man to a bank.
He sees him rob the place.
He sees him get away.
Of Course, Reese is angry.
He insists on finding.
Finding what’s really happening.
He didn’t start robbing by accident.
He first finds that his name is Joey.
He plays a role in these robberies.
So he does what he does.
Spending the night in the rough.
In the rough parts of the city.
Seeming to be looking.
To be looking for work.
He's kidnapped while looking for work.
By a familiar unit.
That he somehow convinces.
Convinces them to let him go.
Reese and Finch work to know.
To know who it is behind it.
They have a clue but must prove t.
Reese does more research.
He finds a deal that just may work.
He infiltrates joining the team.
In the middle of a robbery.
Finch convinces them to leave.
Because of the NYPD.
The NYPD is on the way.
Joey explains why he chose the way.
They rob the NYPD.
But Reese and Joey.
Back out after it all.
They find who’s making the calls.

Happiness (Episode 4)

Reese still is hiding.
The PD still tries finding.
Tries finding the face.
That’s helping them fight the hate.
Finch’s experiencing back pain.
He goes for a prescription for the pain.
The Machine picks up Meghan Tillman.
Who seems to be running.
But she slicing a normal life.
Shes harmful and very liked.
But she’s in a lot of trouble.
They find the reason for her struggles.
His name’s Andrew.
Andrew is a threat to.
A threat to Tillman.
Along with many other women.
Giving them drugs.
While looking innocent in clubs.
Reese gets into his house.
Intending to know more about.
What he's really into.
They find that he’s really careful.
They also find his college record.
Reese tries for more information.
Going to a promising asset.
Finch warns Reese about him.
Reese still searches for answers.
Witnessing his work on Tillman.
Also witnessing Tillman target.
Targetting Andrew Benton.
Andrew may be murdered.
Tillman is baiting him.
Her face shows disgrace to him.
She joins a support group.
But she continues to pursue.
Reese talks her out of it.
Saving her life from being taken.
Reese gets him to confess.
Bringing the lives of women happiness.

Justice (Episode 5)

A predator is off the streets.
Doctor Tillman is happy.
Enjoying her lifestyle.
She's making her sister proud.
Meanwhile, the machine gets a number.
Of a very popular Lawyer.
Who’s enjoying life as a father?
The Lawyers name is Samuel Gates.
Reese witnesses men invade his place.
They take his child.
The lawyer begins to frown.
That lawyer is now a judge.
Reese tells him he knows he loved.
He knows he loves his son.
He wants to get back his son.
He advises that he will handle it.
Giving the judge instructions.
Instructions to stay away.
While he works to save the day.
He finds the kidnappers.
He makes the father.
Makes the father very happy.
Another crime solved in the city.

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