RHYMES at the Museum

Updated on November 29, 2017

Night At the Museum

LARRY DALEY is a man from Queens.
Unemployed but searching.
Searching for more work.
But a museum calls him first.
Calls him because a guard's retiring.
They are interested in hiring.
On his first night on the Job.
He is warned to not let anything on the Job.
In or out. He discovers that night.
That the exhibits inside it come to life.
Seeing those come to life.
Makes Larry think twice.
Thinks it may not be for him.
Attempts to find the instructions given to him.
He finds it but someone destroys it.
Turns out, it was one of the exhibits.
One prestigious one comes up.
Explaining why the exhibits come up.
That exhibits name is ROOSEVELT.
He explains that each guard has dealt.
Has dealt with these exhibits coming alive.
If Larry read the instructions he won't be surprised.
He also explains that Larry's the night guard.
It's his Job to stay on guard.
To never allow exhibits out of the place.
The sunlight will make them disintegrate.
Disintegrate into Dust.
Night one he learned so much.
He confronts the older guards.
he discusses how hard.
How hard it was getting through it.
The guards tell him they tried to reveal it.
He later gets more prepared.
By researching how to care.
He speaks to REBECCA.
She gives him knowledge for later.
He learns how to care for the exhibits.
Looking forward to working.
He puts his knowledge on the second night.
But one escaped into the light.
Soon after, he started to doubt.
Afraid that they will want him out.
The Boss considered it.
But gave him another chance at it.
Later on that night.
Larry finds old guards on site.
Trying to steal the Magic.
But in the end, they recover it.

Older Guards
Ben Stiller
Larrey Daley
Dick Van Dyke/Cecil
Carla Gugino
Mickey Rooney/Gus
Robin Williams
Bill Cobbs/Reginald

Night at the Museum:Smithsonian

LARRY has given up security.
He decided to start his own company.
A direct response TV company.
A company that is looking on selling.
Selling inventions based on experiences.
He goes to his old job and witnesses.
Them moving the exhibits.
They can't come alive at night.
Because the Magic stays on site.
In a weird turn of events.
The Magic is stolen and taken.
Taken to the new location.
Larry finds out and books a flight.
Knowing that Magic will bring to life.
All of the exhibits in the place.
He poses as a guard to get in the place.
KAHMUNRAH has activated.
The magic and plans to use it.
Use it to conquer the world.
Bringing change to all boys and Girls.
Meanwhile, Larry escapes.
Looking to put an end to his fate.
He teams up with GEORGE CUSTER.
George is later captured.
AMELIA EARHART takes his place.
Showing him around the place.
They evade the evil men.
Slowing down the evil plan.
Kahmunrah tries to catch Larry.
He wants him for trapping.
For trapping all his men.
He already the Magic.
He uses the magic.
To attempt to open.
To open the gate to the underworld.
Hoping to translate the underworld.
If that doesn't work, Jebediah dies.
Larry and Amelia fight to survive.
They get advice from Albert Einsteins.
Battling, but they get inside.
Amelia gathers some allies.
Leading to a battle that they survive.
Larry obtains the Magic.
He uses it to banish.
Banish Kahmurah back to the underworld.
He will no longer conquer the world.

Ben Stiller
Larry Daley
Amy Adams
Amelia Earhart
Hank Azaria

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

Egyptians held a tomb.
Pharoah is inside the tomb.
Archeologists in 1938.
Discovered it and decided to take.
To take the tomb to New York.
They put it in the museum in New York.
Where LARRY first started to work.
Currently, where he still works.
The museum has new exhibits.
There is a bigger addition.
Also a new wax figure.
That says Larry is its father.
Meanwhile, the magic tablet.
Corrodes and causes the exhibits.
To act erratically.
Causing chaos at the re-opening.
The re-opening of the planetarium.
This will lead to a bigger outcome.
The exhibits can be lifeless.
Larry must find a way to restore it.
Restore the magic tablet with power.
But it's located in a British tower.
Larry convinces the museum curator.
To let him go to restore its power.
The power of the magic tablet.
Convinced that McPhee knows it's secrets.
Larry travels to the tower.
Bypassing the guard in the tower.
A few exhibits from his job.
Decided to come along for the job.
They search the museum.
Joined by other wax figures.
They find what they came for.
Intending to get a lot more.
SIR LANCELOT mistakes the tablet.
For the Holy grail and he steals it.
Larry escapes from a break room.
He chases Camelot to the theatre roof.
Where the exhibits begin to die.
The tablets restored by the moonlight.
Reviving all the exhibits.
But agreeing to leave the tablet.
Years later, Larry's a teacher.
He finally retired.
He gets a visit from a British exhibit.
That revives those New Yor Exhibits.

Ben Stiller
Larry Daley
Dan Stevens
Sir Lancelot
Robin Williams
Theodore Rooselvet

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