RHYMES and Basketball

Updated on November 10, 2017

1-2 Quarters

Had more to them than just basketball.
It all started out when they were kids.
She moved from Atlanta and gets settled in.
Saw a group of boys playing basketball.
One was named Quincy McCall.
Monica asked if she can play.
McCall says that girls can't play.
Eventually they allow her to.
She then falls the moment she tries to.
She struggled obtaining gift.
Unlike Quincy, who had the natural gift.
His dad played for the Clippers.
Quincy wanted to be in the picture.
Growing up together in L.A.
They both knew that they'd one day.
One day theyd play basketball.
While getting older they answered their call.
On their high school teams.
They both their their high school teams.
Scouts notice of Quincy.
He's top prospect in the county.
He's very popular in school.
& he and monica are still cool.
Monica struggles on her side.
Her emotions causes trouble all the time.
She's constantly getting technical fouls.
Which results in her letting her team down.
She pushes away her scouts.
Her lack of control will keep her out.
So she tries to figure it out.
While her mom complains about.
Complains about her being a tomboy.
Telling her to act less like a boy.
Monica is hurt very badly.
On the court and at home is adversity.
Her mom doesn't accept what she chose.
She will not play the housewife role.
She later learns to control her emotions.
Leading her team to going.
Going to a state championship game.
But they end up losing the game.
She later finds she gets a message.
A message saying she's accepted.
Accepted to USC.
Shes gets praise from Quincy.

3-4 Quarters

Calls Off the wedding

Quincy follows Monica to USC.
They manage themselves as athletes.
Quincy finds instant success out there.
While Monica struggles behind a player.
Playing a backup with limited minutes.
She doesn't get the coach's attention.
Her and Quincy become more strained.
As Quincy deals with the pain.
The pain of his father cheating on his mother.
Lying to him and his mother.
Quincy then gets very angry.
Decides to go pro, without finishing.
Without finishing college.
He decided it, to get back at his father.
Meanwhile, Monica moves to the top.
& Quincy's anger suddenly shops.
Stops their close friendship.
Hurting her but she doesn't let slip.
She goes pro and plays overseas.
But it is not the same without Quincy.
She leads her team to victory.
But couldn't enjoy it without Quincy.
Quincy is playing in the pros.
On the L.A Lakers, he finds a role.
Just when things are going well.
He dunks and tears his ACL.
Monica hears about his injury.
She flies home to visit Quincy.
While there she sees.
That her Quincy is about to be.
About to be married.
Monica's suddenly angry.
While Quincy prepares for his wedding day.
Monica asks him to play.
To play her one on one.
If she loses they are done.
Quincy ends up winning.
He also Calls off his wedding.

Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan

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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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