RHYMES along

Updated on November 22, 2017

Ride Along

JAMES PAYTON is a detective.
Chosen to go undercover.
To find out who is smuggling.
Fake transports in this country.
This time it is Atlanta.
The man name is OMAR.
James pursues him.
Shoots at him.
He then apprehends him.
BEN is his sister's boyfriend.
Hoping to be working.
Working for the Atlanta PD.
While her brother is planning.
James needs to execute his plan.
First, he joins a winning team.
He got the job at the Atlanta PD.
With the better pay and benefits.
He makes a decision.
He first asks James for his blessings.
Then says he's looking into Marrying.
James tells him he must work.
To show him his worth.
James wants to see if he's right or wrong.
So he invites him to a ride along.
The next day, James met Ben.
Bright and Early in the morning.
Telling Ben to get ready to leave.
To be the police this is what he needs.
They go to the police station.
James tells dispatch to information.
Information on all 1-26 calls.
James makes Ben take care of them all.
James gets a call about RUNFLAT.
They arrive at a park and see RUNFLAT.
About a connection with OMAR.
He finds that a shipment will come later.
While waiting, they go to the gun range.
They next go to a Market.
Where they meet a lunatic.
James apprehends him.
But Ben finds out about him.
James is really playing him.
That lunatic worked with him.
Ben lets James know he knows.
So James offers to take him home.
Instead, they respond to a disturbance.
Two men hold them up in the club.
They apprehend the men.
Meanwhile, James and Ben.
They argue. They resent each other.
Then find Runflap's little brother.
They then investigate J for a gun deal.
Ben shoots J and he reveals.
Will take place in a warehouse.
So James and his friends go out.
James is then double-crossed.
Omar is his friends boss.
They tie James up and wait for Omar.
Ben acts like he is Omar.
He successfully fools the crooks.
Ben makes them think he's a crook.
He cuts James loose and attempts to leave.
While the real Omar comes and offers greed.
Greed to James if he sells out.
But James and Ben head out.
A gun battle begins.
The warehouse blows while James and Ben.
Take the money for the deal and escapes.
But two of the men also did escape.
SANTIAGO AND MIGGS head to Bens place.
Along with Omar, they take.
They take Angela and tie her up.
Attempt to talk James into giving up.
Giving up the cash for his sister's life.
But James and Ben make it alright.

Ice Cube
James Payton
Kevin Hart
Ben Barber
Laurence Fishbourne

Ride Along 2

ANTONIO POPE is in Miami.
A crime lord looking for money.
He sends his guy to get it.
Kill the wrong guy to get it.
He then orders his hitmen.
To find whoever stole it.
The series shifts to Atlanta.
JAMES finally has a partner.
They confront a big drug dealer.
Ben is very eager.
Ben in radio but wants action.
So he goes to be apart of it.
They eventually apprehend the dealer.
But find something much bigger.
A flash drive that they can't get inside.
No matter how hard they try.
Meanwhile, Ben plans his wedding.
While James heads to Miami.
Assigned to some protective work.
Ben wishes he could work.
On the night before leaving.
He picks up Ben before going.
The movie shifts to Miami.
They stop at the department in Miami.
Ben finds clues to a crime.
But gets a surprise.
A surprise from a detective.
She teaches him a lesson.
As they go to find a computer hacker.
They find him but soon after.
A chase starts but on foot.
Eventually, the chase ends.
They take the hacker in.
After asking what's on the flash drive.
The hacker takes them inside.
Inside a prestigious club.
The club shows them, love.
One of Antonio's hitmen.
Sees them and attempts killing.
Killing James, Ben and the hacker.
But he escapes soon after.
MAYA helps them figure it out.
Moments after, James figures out.
That there is a bomb under his car.
They jump out of the way before the car.
Before it, all blows up.
Saved but figures that it will be tough.
Tough-talking to the boss.
While the hackers phone that he lost.
Is in their custody.
They go to a spa intending.
Intending to find another clue.
His girlfriend Tasha tells the truth.
The truth about where he is.
Meanwhile, Antonio is angry.
He knows the hacker has his money.
James keeps the hacker safe.
So he makes them meet him in a certain place.
They bring him on their investigation.
He reveals the heart of the investigation.
Antonio's hitmen realize it.
They try getting them while they are driving.
But they shake them off.
Maya tries not to believe it.
But her friend confirms it.
They get in a party.
With hopes of finding.
Finding his computer.
They need files from his computer.
& After many casualties.
They get all that they need.
Antonio sniffs it out.
While James goes and stakes out.
Stakes out a shipment.
But find it's an empty shipment.
Antonio is being helped.
His wealth has gotten him help.
But they find another shipment.
& they attempt to bust it.
After a fight, they take him down.
James and Ben are the best in town.

Ice Cube
James Payton
Kevin Hart
Ben Barber
Benjamin Bratt
Antonio Pope

Tim Story

Director Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four:Rise of the silver surfer
Director Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four:Rise of the silver surfer

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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