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Step Up

Break into a school theatre.
Damaging many of the props.
TYLER gets them to stop.
Tyler helps by accepting the blame.
He helped the Carters get away.
He was sentenced to community service.
Then saw NORA CLARK preparing.
Preparing for her senior showcase.
To see if she will be placed.
Will be placed on some dance team.
Hoping to dance professionally.
The carters pay Tyler a visit.
He has no clue that Nora watches.
Tyler is dancing with his friends.
While Nora has no partner to dance.
She searches for a partner.
None of them fit the persona.
She's approached by Tyler.
She denies at first then reconsiders.
Tyler and Nora grow closer.
They both end up teaching each other.
Nora's bond with Tyler's growing.
She takes to a company.
One where her late father used to work.
Revealing that this is where she first.
Where she first envisioned her routine.
She confesses, that she always imagined.
Imagined being in a pageant.
She wanted to perform solo.
A duet wasn't the way she wanted to go.
Tyler inspires to help their dreams come true.
He takes it upon himself and recruits.
Recruit some younger dancers.
Just to perform in her number.
He also is trying to balance new goals.
Trying to make sure everything is alright at home.
Tyler proves that he sure can dance.
Nora decides to give him a chance.
Everything they used to do remains.
Yet, Tyler feels he's treated the same.
The same way as Nora's ex-boyfriend.
At that time Tyler starts to end.
He starts to end being involved.
Being involved in the routine.
He goes back to the halls to be.
To be the janitor that he signed up for.
Nora wants the routine she rehearsed for.
Nora begins feelings discouraged.
But her mom shows her it's worth it.
She makes her routine solo.
But Tyler comes and makes it an ensemble.

Channing Tatum
Tyler Gage
Jenna Dewan
Noral Clark

Step Up 2: The Streets

In Baltimore, Maryland ANDREA WEST.
Is pursuing her dream to become the best.
The best street dancer in Baltimore.
After her mother died she just wanted it more.
She first moved into the house with mom's friend.
She later found that she was being sent.
Was being sent to Texas if she didn't shape up.
Her mom's friend just couldn't take the pressure.
She sees her good friend in the club.
Andie finds out how much she's loved.
She auditions at a performing arts school.
The school's that will change a dancers rules.
She did not really get in.
She was just seen as a street dancing kid.
The street dancing singles her out.
A male conductor attempts to help her figure it out.
Along with that, she must practice with her crew.
But one time she misses practice with her crew.
Despite her still being in school.
She's disgusted that her crew lost their cool.
She then is convinced to build her own crew.
Her friend CHASE helps her to recruit.
She confronts her old crew with her new crew.
They end up embarrassed by their old crew.
But they plan to attack again.
This time they plan to win,
Her old crew led by TUCK.
He gets mad because of unexpected luck.
He warns andy to stay out of the streets.
He finds chase and bans him from the streets.
The next day, Chase comes to school.
Badly battered and bruised.
On top of that, the room was trashed.
Andie's expelled for her past.
To make matters worse, she must move away.
Despite it all, Andie's told to stay.
She competes in the streets.
Regaining the respect in the streets.

Briana Evigan
Andrea "Andie" West
Robert Hoffman
Chase Collins
Blake Thomas

Step Up 3D

MOOSE and CAMILLE are in New York City.
Enrolled at New York University.
Moose majors in electrival engineering.
He guaranteed that there will be no more dancing.
While he toured the campus he begins stumbling.
He looked up and saw a dance battle brewing.
He decided to participate in it.
He beats a kid named Darkness in it.
LUKE KATCHER seems to take him under his wing.
He takes him to a club that used to be.
Used to be a warehouse. Luke shows his dance crew.
He's then informed that he must pay the overdue.
The overdue rent. Luke sees NATALIE.
Noticing her dancing abilities.
Luke enlist her to be in his crew.
While moose decides what he wants to do.
Meanwhile, he's confronted by another crew.
JULIAN happens to lead the crew.
That crew wants a battle.
Meanwhile, Luke and Natalie become close.
Luke explains his true intentions.
Natalie hides that her brother's Julien.
Her and Luke train together.
They eventually get the gang together.
Natalie and Moose are shown more.
The crew wants to see what they're looking for.
Natalie and Moose want in.
They practice until no end.
Lukes crew wins the competition.
Gains the respect that was wanted.
He was winning over Natalie.
But she was still hiding.
Julian confronts her Julien.
The warehouse is up for auction.
Luke and Moose strive to get it.
They find Natalie in the midst of it.
Luke finds out the truth.
He finds Natalie's roots.
He sees the notice on the warehouse.
While his crew tries to figure it out.
They round everybody up.
The entire group steps up.
Luke moves to California.
He promotes moose as the new leader.

Rick Malambri
Luke Katcher
Shami Vinsin
Adam Sevani
Alyson Stoner

Step Up Revolution

A flash mob in Miami, Fl.
Shut down a street in Miami, Fl.
They were on top of cars dancing.
To the music, the DJ was playing.
The mob's led by SEAN, EDDY, AND JASON.
They watch their flashmob destruction.
Watching it play out on the news.
Hearing the public complain about how they abuse.
How they abuse the purpose.
But there are also some that praise it.
A pretty girl across the street.
Sean found her name was EMILY.
Emily was often seen dancing.
While Sean was busy romancing.
Sean tried winning Emily.
He succeeds eventually.
He helps her to with the audition.
While doing so, they are bonding.
They have casualties but cannot deny.
The love they have for each other to pass by.

Ryan Guzman
Sean Asa
Kathy McCormick
Misha Gabriel

Step Up:All In

Sean and his Mob crew.
Are in L.A trying to.
Trying to become dancers.
But it seems to be a disaster.
They're turned down each audition.
But are noticed during a visit.
During a visit to a local club.
They're challenged in the same club.
They lose the battle and decide to leave.
Feeling that in L.A they will not succeed.
They aim to return to Miami.
But Sean has his aim on staying.
Sean wants to keep trying.
He notices another dance competition.
Puts together a crew and they enter.
MOOSE is one of the members.
He gets Sean a job in a center.
They gather some old faces.
They then focus on entering.
After making the audition video.
They get together and go.
Go to Las Vegas for the competition.
Sean knows what it's like winning.

Ryan Guzman
Sean Asa
Brian Evigan
Andrea West
Adam Sevani
Misha Gabriel
Alyston Stoner
Luis Rosado

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