RHYMES N the Hood

Updated on November 7, 2017

Little men

Ten yr old TRE STYLES.
Has been living with REVA for a while.
Her and his dad aren't together.
But do what's need for to better.
Tre is in school on another side of town.
On the weekend he spends time around.
Around his father JASON STYLES.
But things changed this time around.
He gets into a fight at school.
Reva's informed that he disrespects rules.
Tre has a violent temper.
Reva worries about tres future.
So she sends him with his dad.
Hoping he'd learn to have.
Have a valuable life.
And be something for his wife.
She felt his father will teach him the way.
Assuring that he will return one day.
While Tre settles in.
He unites with childhood friends.
Chris, Doughboy, and Ricky.
They stood outside talking.
That night he & his father talk.
He informs Tre that mistakes cost.
Teaches him to be responsible.
He later hears shoots at a criminal.
The criminal happens to escape.
He was trying to rob the place.
They called the Crenshaw police.
They came but one was hoping.
Hoping another black man was shot.
Jason didn't fulfill his personal plot.
Two police but only one was nice.
Sadly, that one was white.
The next day, Tre goes fishing with his dad.
He gives Tre advice as a young man.
Meanwhile, Tre sees two of his friends.
In handcuffs for going in the store stealing.

Angela Basset
Laurence Fisbourne
Desi Arnez
Baha Jackson
Donaven McCrary
Kenneth Cook


Boyz in the Hood


They have all grown up.
They all were into stuff.
DOUGHBOY became a gang member.
RICKY became a top HS player.
TRE's a responsible teenager.
While Ricky becomes a father.
Tre has big plans.
Dreaming to become a man.
While his girlfriend BRANDI.
Reminds him of his desires to be.
Desires to lose his virginity
But Brandi stands strong on her beliefs.
Brandi is catholic.
It is against her religion.
It's also against her wishes.
Wanting to wait until marriage.
Ricky hopes to play ball at USC.
A recruiter informs him that he could be.
He could become a student at USC.
If he scores great on his SAT.
So on the Day of the test.
Ricky and Tre give it their best.
After, they go out and see.
The dangers in the community.
Later, they attend a street race.
An altercation takes place.
Tre speaks of leaving Los Angelos.
Before being harassed by policemen.
Tre and Ricky are distraught.
Tre takes Ricky home and is still distraught.
Goes over to his girlfriends home.
She sees him sad and consoles.
The next day, Tre and Ricky.
Go to the store and end up fleeing.
Fleeing from gang they ran into.
One of its members sees Ricky and shoots.
Ricky does not survive.
Doughboy senses it and has his gang rise.
He drives to the scene and picks up the body.
His wife later is discovering.
That he passed the SAT.
Turns out, he did it greatly.
While Doughboy plans revenge.
Tre too is planning revenge.
But Tre is talked out of it.
His dad saw him thinking of it.
Brandi comes there screaming.
She later sees Tre escaping.
Riding in the car across the city.
Looking for the gang that killed Ricky.
But Tre has a change of heart.
Realizing to not be apart.
He tells Doughboy to let him out.
Tre sees what his father was talking about.
He gets home and sees his dad waiting.
He stares at Tre and starts retreating.
Retreating back in his bedroom.
While Doughboy kills off the crew.
Doughboy comes over The next day.
Sits and talks with his brother Tre.
Sees Ricky buried then is murdered.
While Tre and Brandi stay together.

Cuba Good Jr.
Ice Cube
Morris Chestnut
Nia Long

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