Updated on November 14, 2017

Coach Carter

Still Winning

It was 1999 when KEN CARTER
Made the decision to take over.
Take over Richmond high schools basketball team.
After once being apart of the team.
After joining them he sees.
What these athletes really need.
Discipline. Carter gives it.
& the players may not like it.
He hands them all contracts.
Instructed them to attend their classes. G
Sit up in the front of the class.
& answer the questions asked.
He tells them to dress appropriately.
On the days they are playing.
They must call everyone sir.
Must have a 2.3 or higher.
He then asks for their progress reports.
Wanted to make sure they had good reports.
If they failed to meet his standards.
They will not be his players.
TIMO CRUZ is one of the problems.
He walks right over to Carter.
He attempts to hit him.
But Coach Carter blocks him.
Then pushes him against the wall.
Not caring if he caused.
Caused him to quit the team.
Carter then warns the team.
That talent does not mean you are disciplined.
He tells them what he won't put up with.
Carter tells them about them being late.
Warns them of the penalties for their mistakes.
Them running suicides are one of the punishments.
For hours, he makes them run it.
If they disrespect him, they do push-ups.
They then realize that carter is tough.
He wants them to succeed.
His son doesn't even get special needs.
He punishes his son just like the team.
Holding Damien to set standards for the team.
KENYON STONE has a child on the way.
He isn't sure that he will stay.
Stay and play in college.
He may leave basketball to be a parent.
He may not be able to juggle it all.
One of them he may have to allow to fall.
As the season opens against Hercules.
Cruz asks Carter to rejoin the team.
Carter agrees and in practice.
He quickly enforces.
The power of not giving up.
Complete what's needed no matter how tough.
Cruz worked his way back to the team.
He plays in the game and the team wins.
But Carter finds that JUNIOR did not win.
JUNIOR BATTLE is not attending his classes.
Thinking all he needs is his talent.
Carter then kicks him off the team
Turns out, his talent doesn't mean a thing.
Battle's mother is highly upset.
Telling Carter that her son regrets.
Battle then says sorry for his actions.
He then makes a major promise.
Before he rejoins the team.
Being huge in their streak of winning.
They join the holiday tournament.
But before it, they're faced with challenges.
They attend a party and act recklessly.
They pay for it when Carter catches.
They still won the tournament.
But Carter wasn't satisfied with it.
He discovers that some were skipping class.
They wanted to ball and not pass.
Carter then is seen locking.
Locking the gym and sending.
Sending the team to the library.
Where their teachers await to help them study.
The parents are outraged.
His superiors ask that he explains.
Carter explains that he loves his players.
Wanting them to not focus on just being players.
The superior got the message.
But the streets rejects it.
One threw a brick at his house one night.
Another spits on his window in the spotlight.
Yet, Carter's not moving.
Teaching his team how to be men.
The board then has a meeting.
A meeting about the lockout ending.
Carter threatens he'd quit if it is.
But he stays because it doesn't end.
The team may not be playing.
But with an education, they're still winning.

Samuel Jackson
Ken Carter
Rob Brown
Kenyon Stone
Rick Gonzalez
Timo Cruz

Thomas Carter


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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