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Ready to Cry- a New Poem

Facing tragedy in life we always wants to release that agony by crying out but if you are numb with so much pain how could you cry !


Ready to cry - A poem


My friend at last it is raining!
It is raining heavily,
I am ready to cry now.
Because It is raining now
So I am ready to unleash my tears
Because nobody will see my tears in the rain
Because the rain will wash away my tears
"I will scream out my pains in the rain.'
Because nobody could hear my scream in the heavy rain
Because the heavy rain will silence the sound of my scream'
I could unleash my sadness and sorrows through my eyes
Because in the heavy rain nobody could see my face clearly
I am waiting for you my friend
You promised me to hold my hand when I cry
Where are you now I am still waiting in the rain for you?
Please come quickly the rain will go soon

You promised me you will come,

Please come,

I am ready to cry and it is raining now!'

© 2019 Kishore Kumar

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