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Michael Chidera (a.k.a Xmith) is a Nigerian student. The poem 'rains and memories' is a poem recommended for you & I. Please like & follow.



Memories of the past cling to me like strands of spaghetti,

Haunting me like a ghost in distress and of peaceful sleep it deprives me;

The past I look back in shame and regret of all my naive actions,
Wishing the hands of the clock I could turn back and right the wrongs of the past.

The more I try to get over the past, the more I seem to remember;
Ships that sailed and loads of mistakes made out of childhood carelessness,
Pains of heartbreak and memories of they that turned down my proposals;
A thousand times I tried to erase all these but my efforts were all for naught.

A bright future I plan for but thoughts of the past pose a stumbling block,
Consistently driving my mind and attention to distraction without a clear intention;
Earnestly to God I pray that one day shall I dwell in the past no more
And be happy once again as the rains of time washes the memories of the past away.

© 2020 Xmith Literature