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Rdsparrowriter is a Sri Lankan Poetess written story books in poetry form. She's passionate and writes from heart covering subjects.



I prefer a family oriented genuine young man
Who would be genuinely interested to be my companion
Who would love Jesus Christ as well as humble and mature in person

Also who is kind, patient and understanding as a person.

I'm a young girl who loves being friends with another
If enjoys company, would hangout willingly with the other
If not, not afraid to enjoy my own company without another
Growing old isn't enough reason to be with another.


I'm often put off by this reason when one mentioned

Why do I want to be in a relationship just because I'm growing old?

Why do I have to be worried of old age as mentioned?

Why do I need someone to complete me when I'm already completed?

I'm fun loving, reading or writing, playing games online

Experiment different cuisine styles to have a party on my tongue

To be healthy, I dance and walk, practicing discipline

While helping my family to ease their daily tasks as I can.


I don't understand why I was told that I'm commitment phobic?

I'm just wary of my own time and emotional energy

I'm just a little too serious when it comes to who I want to spend my life with

I take time getting to know someone as a friend first in reality.

I'm often mistaken for a romantic person as I write poetry

To me Romance is just another word for being caring to someone special and sharing

I just hate hurting someone as I know the knowledge of it would hurt me

So I'm straight-forward, no hanky-panky or flattery simply no time wasting.


I don't like being rushed into making life changing decisions at a whim

Specially because of the biological clock's ticking

I have one life with values and principles that I hold dear and dislike to trim

Just because I'm single doesn't mean I'm willing.

I already have a family and building my own is just an extension

It's holding and cherishing someone's time, breath and emotions precious

I'm always friendly but not flirty in every interaction

If I'm fond of someone, I might be into friendly teasing and encouragingly gracious.

I'm usually boring to most as I'm simple minded and very shy

Even so I'm happy for the way that the Creator has made me

To me, giving a listening ear, helping another is my joy

I'm blessed beyond curse as Jesus Christ and family loves me.


Conquering A Dilemma 28.08.2022

I won't deny, I had an issue that hindered my progress

Since I was a little girl, I was too sensitive to strong smells

My nose worked too well out of all my five senses

So I found marketing and cooking a bit challenging because of smells.

Specially in the mornings, strong smells often made me want to throw up

Cleaning and cutting raw meat and some vegetables were hard

So my mom would do those for me throughout

As a teenager and even in my Twenties until I was able to tackle what's hard.

According to my mom I was like an Eel who slipped away from the kitchen

I didn't mind washing the dishes and the saucepans even cleaning

But cooking was a slow progress as I worked in the kitchen

Because of strong smells I didn't like cooking or marrying.

In my late teens and twenties I thought if I get married I have to be stuck in the kitchen

That means enduring strong smells and it might make me sick to the stomach

I had doubts whether I have enough strength to endure the challenge

I was afraid that if I didn't cook well, if the husband would disappear.

I honestly thought, if I didn't get married, I would be free of the unnecessary fear

Even heartache, disappointments, stress due to my incompetence

For years I asked Papa God to help me solve my problematic fears

He answered my prayers, little by little I have improved my cooking style.

Now I have confidence with God's grace to deal with my issues

I can clean, cut and cook, make my family happy

Thankfully my sense of smell is strong only in the mornings

I prepare dinner warm in the evenings so my tired family would be happy.

© 2022 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa

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