Quiet Man**Invisible Man** Victorian Winged My Fancy

Updated on February 4, 2018

The beauty of Ireland the Quiet man how no words can describe his love fit so perfectly green grass grows but silently subtle breeze wakes him to guide him.

He quietly appears so many years have passed smelling the amazing greener then life grass a potent filled with magic the invisible man he passed

The wake-up call

The lady of all envy

The grass is so green

She was something so


to be seen

But something poisoned her

Invisible man seeded the Ivy

Something hatched not to

see her beauty sleep quietly

I Sir "Infinitely" so "Existentially"

Quiescently being forced

so he entered things emerged

something in her especially

tried to let out

Beg your pardon was not her

Her mind aroused so deep

Dizzily quietly gapped to shout

Waking up Orange you glad to be


Loved so sorry to be changed

Quietly but tugged not politely

Being quizzed or allured

to be the body snatcher

All leafs changed the love came

to scratch her

"The Catcher in the Rye"

So strange quite Erie crossroads

To Carrie

The Quiet man lips so tight

Not even one star through

the invisible man night

The love backfires

Less painful quietly desires

something invisible pleasure sip

The gas lamp she tripped

She saw a face not to be described

So inhibited like endangered


The invisible man loved her

to her surprise

But got his vengeance on


that was too near her

People wanted so much to

be her

Men fancied her

Victorian edge laced fans

Her force indescribable

Westside story rumble

When someone was clear to see

Extremely well visible

she didn't care to know them

She saw something she didn't admire

through them baking with flour

Ghostly the hostess of the most

But feeling his energy the invisible

the man was

courting her so challenging

So pricy what it cost

New flame "Procreating"

Producing more loving

What's less

Hemming her long skirt

Another Love he had for the

Mistress so trimming

Hard to handle begging

Her diary innocence

Fulfilling her cheeks adoring

one another

Victorian bed dressing

Being on her side but scheming

Above the odds

Fancy me Rose cut her wrist


Just pass but don't forget

Disguise home staging

Her address forget me knots

Sending out a telegram

SOS never to forget

Quiet needing to talk

The other man got into her

Triangle mess

but changed by

magical channeling

Rumor spread ear to what we heard

speechless in the wilderness herd

He finger waved by world of the

Guinness drinking beer


Climbing the Jacks of the


Visible to the eye affair

Nowhere in the beauty of all

she could talk felt somewhere

being stalked

By the greater impossible love

To be silent like she was invisible

So naive at time feeble

Without an honorable love of fee

Gone with the winding shopping spree

Disworthy and sneaky but for being

who or answers Doctor Who?

He was so flavorful well balanced

strong nursed her well

and sturdy

Quiet man thinking in his

beloved study

She was no goody two shoes

More Quiet time an affair of clues

Like Hannah and her sisters


If lips could talk pouty

Sensing something but why?

Hans Christian Anderson

Quiet man playing softly but

Being picked up love fusion

The windows and War Veterans

Wifes lies and fibs

Quiet leads to invisible

No way Women's lib control

So many years to reason

Goes way deeper in her soul

So cheating or what to believe

Of the next groundhog

season coming out then

quietly to leave

He was loving to be invisible

She was so fanned remarkable

He wanted to keep it that way

So deep set her eyes

Crying Wolf invisible pain

to die

Somehow talk could be cheap

And the shepherd of love loads

of sheep, silence is the best sleep

All in someones head so lovingly deep

Invisible but remarkable to be the person you want to be or let's really look closer its not always rosier.

So fancy to be fanned but being quiet without a word its something special with simplicity to be bowed too like love mutiny

© 2018 Robin Carretti


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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 13 days ago from Hightstown

      Thanks, I write lyrics I also have UTube account where I sing-songwriter too that's where my artsy words come from writing lyrics

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 13 days ago from Shelton

      this was clever and yea I think I agree with manatita something of a rapper type flow..:) as always awesome

    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 2 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Thanks, I love combining all the Classic movies into one tale

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 weeks ago from london

      Nice! A little like a rapper; a little lyrical. Interesting tale of this invisible man.