Quiet Insanity: A Telepathic Intuition Between Mother and Son

Updated on May 29, 2020
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I say out loud, what others only think. I take great pleasure in expressing hardcore truth about awkward situations at Misscue's Hubpages.

I Can See Through your Eyes

The Aroma; A Rich Dark Blend?
The Aroma; A Rich Dark Blend? | Source

Connected By Birth....

There is an amazing, undeniable bond between a mother and her son that will never be forgotten and cannot be driven away by any force or by any distance.

Because of this bond, they hear each other's agonies and feel each other's pains, with no effort at all.

Quiet Insanity

A Telepathic Intuition Between Mother and Son
A Telepathic Intuition Between Mother and Son | Source

I Woke Up Early This Morning...

...When the sun met the moon.

I felt clarity and vision.

I heard sounds in my sleep...

...They woke me up with a jolt.

I jumped out of bed and peered around my room: disoriented.

Because the sounds I was hearing...

...were coming from your head!

Son, I Can Feel What You're Feeling...

...I can see through your eyes.

Although you are hundreds of miles away from me,

Your heart still beats.....

...Steadily within mine.

Stop... Listen...

Can you hear the garbage truck in the distance?

It is lifting its mechanical arms in the early morning dawn.

Do you feel the warmth of the hot cup of coffee clutched tightly in your hand?

The aroma! A rich dark blend?

As This Day Unravels,

You will get greater clarity as to the true meaning of what I convey to you....

...You'll see... Calm Down. Relax.

Now take a deep, deep breath.

This is just a phase, a small chapter in your book of life.

You choose your path. You make your motions.

It's only a temporary insanity,

A post traumatic stress disorder, that too, soon shall pass.

Always keep in mind;

Whatever you can visualize...You can manifest.

So, open your vision to include all palpable thoughts of...

... who and where you want to be.

Understand That This Is How I Felt:

I wasn't me.......I was you.

And I heard what you're hearing...

...and I saw what you're seeing.

You feel restless, almost stir crazy,

Yet bored at the same time.

Today you feel like...

... you're going quietly insane.

But remember, it's not you...

...It's me.

Because I can feel you...

...And you can feel me.

Our emotional bond is more powerful than any force of nature...

...can ever be.

Sometimes our thoughts get crossed,

And what you thought was you...

...is really me.

A Deep Healing Breath

This was a time of your life where you had no worries in the world.
This was a time of your life where you had no worries in the world. | Source


And always, ALWAYS live in the NOW.

Appreciate every moment.

Because every moment is a gift to be cherished...

...like it's already almost gone.

Quiet insanity is not you now...

...it's what you used to be.

The clarity in your mind is precisely that.

Don't question it, utilize it.

Be passionate about this...

...new, unsedated lucidity.

Your Restlessness...

... It can drive you crazy.

It's a kind of crazy that makes it

Hard for you to see past it.

Open your heart.

Open your mind.

Let your body suck in the chill morning air.

Take in that breath with greed;

...deep and long.

For you haven't given yourself this kind of healing breath...

...since you were a small child.

Go forward.

Know that your past is behind you.

Your future is yours alone...

...to treasure.

You and Me and Brother makes We!

All grown up
All grown up | Source

You and Your Little Brother

My True Heroes Are My Sons
My True Heroes Are My Sons | Source

Don't Dwell...

...On unfinished business.

It will still be there when you choose to face it.

But only choose to when you are wiser,

Stronger, and more powerful...

...within yourself.

And not before you can put faith,

And a complete trust within yourself with...

...no hesitation or remorse.

You are a blessed young man,

Brilliant and handsome.

You carry yourself with such charm.

It's a charisma that others envy.

They mimic you, almost mockingly.

They try to obtain this for themselves...

...if only by living vicariously through you.

Strength, Protection, and Courage

Protection. Art by MissCue
Protection. Art by MissCue | Source

Find Peace In Your Heart

And know that this chapter of your life,

is being written right before your eyes...

.... and you are the author.

Don't be so restless.

It's OK from now on.


And that is what is most important right now.

Your Friends...They May Ridicule You...

Although they covet these traits you possess.

They want what you already have...

... for not many are natural born leaders...

...such as yourself.

They only strive for the perfection...

...that you already so nonchalantly display.

Develop these powers.

Make yourself even stronger...

...than you already are.

Never hurt others but don't let their,

Greed and jealousy get in your way either.

Guide them with your majestic qualities.

Help them to see...

...what they too, can be.

You are in your power now,

Quiet and strong,

Proud and free.

Full of passion and immortality...

...is how you appear to me.

Emotional Bond Stronger than Any Force of Nature

My Son, the King of Beasts
My Son, the King of Beasts | Source

Your Destiny...

...though ethereal to you,

is yet to be realized.

It feels unobtainable, out of your grasp...

You say to me:

"Things always happen for a reason."

"Things always turn out the way they should."

I need you to know...

...You are my everything.

I put my faith in your innocent ways,

of viewing experiences...

...that we have no control over.

I Love You... like you are me.

It's more than any love can ever be.

Be brave. Be strong.

Be forgiving. Be free.

But never be me...

Cause that would really be...

...quiet insanity.

Quiet Insanity

Quiet Insanity
Quiet Insanity | Source

Dedicated to Da Boyz...

Mana Ohana sing Mommy Dearest

© 2012 Helen Kramer


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  • Mark Tulin profile image

    Mark Tulin 

    23 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

    Mothers have amazing intuition. Beautiful work.

  • MissCue profile imageAUTHOR

    Helen Kramer 

    7 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA.

    Hello CrazedNovelist ! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me your thoughts. I appreciate it every single time a fellow hubber leaves me with such a genuine gift. I believe that the comments we receive are truly one of the best rewards that the Hubpages offers. You are truly appreciated. Thanks to you and to all!

  • CrazedNovelist profile image

    AE Williams 

    7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    Beautiful work. :) I enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing it! I hope to see you around the hubs!


  • MissCue profile imageAUTHOR

    Helen Kramer 

    7 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA.

    Hi Robin.... Thank you soooo much for taking the time to leave me your thoughts in this note. Quite thoughtful of you! You know it still amazes me every time when... I just "know". I used to wake up from a deep sleep, walk to my sons bed... catch them falling out of bed (literally catch them) then go back to my room to bed... weird huh?

  • RobinGrosswirth23 profile image

    Robin Grosswirth 

    7 years ago from New York

    A beautiful tribute to your sons. There is an eternal connection between a mother and her children that no umbilical cord can ever sever.

  • MissCue profile imageAUTHOR

    Helen Kramer 

    7 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA.

    Thank you Seabass.... That note from you just meant the world to me. I'm sitting here with tears running down my cheeks. Luvs always back!!


  • profile image


    7 years ago

    You know I never like to read your writing, not because it's bad, because I don't like reflecting very much. Everything does happen for a reason! Loves always,



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