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Quiet And Silent

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I Am Home

My dirty socks tossed on the floor

Half undressed and ready to hop into a shower

I thought a quick thought

My wife asleep and our cat Charlotte by her side

After a busy night

This is the first sign of peace

My body at rest

Usually when I come home

I try to recap my day

The highs and lows

Then I write down a few thoughts that I learned from today

My mind even too tired to recap my day

My body ready for a nice hot shower

I close my eyes

Breathing deep so I can fill up my lungs

With fresh air

As I leaned back on the kitchen chair

It creaked in moral support

No matter what happened earlier

It is soon forgotten

I feel my toes grip the floor

I am not hungry or tired

Overall I had a good night at work

Busy at times and then we have a lul

Where we gear up for the next rush

My drive home was peaceful and satisfying

I often think about years ago

When in school

They had these big maps on the walls

Sitting off in a corner was a globe

Where everyone looked at from time to time

Somehow we felt closer to the people all over the world

Like we are no different than each other

Just trying to make since of it all

It is not easy trying to follow the news every day

So many things happen

I wonder if the newspaper reporters

Get tired of all those bad stories

Maybe one day things will turn around

For a change

Good news will sell

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