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People Don't Want To Know How And Why It Works

They just want a fast result

Technology has made us lazy

All this information

Everything you could ever want and think of

Is suppose to make us smarter

Has done the opposite

It has made us dumber

When I was growing up

To learn a meaning of a word

We had to pull out the ten year old family dictionary

Then look the word up

There we skimmed through the letters

If we got the vowels wrong

The word could not be found

So we had to plug in a different vowel

Then if we got lucky

We started seeing words that looked right

Then all of a sudden

The page slipped from my fingertips

I had to look through each page again

When I was just a page or two away

Then there it is the word

I was looking for

Multiple meanings and I have to read each one

Sometimes I would learn something new

Other times I would be reminded of a word I knew

But over time I temporarily forgot

This is just one example

Another thing is knowing what time it is

Years ago you wore a watch

If not you had to find a wall clock

You could ask someone else

Do you have the time?

They might say something like

It is quarter of 4

Half past 2

Ten of 3

A little before 5

Digital wasn't popular yet

So you depended on both the big hand and the little hand

When I was small

I couldn't wait to grow up

To see all the technical advances in every field

Now that I have seen the changes

I never expected them to take a turn for the worse

People have become more lazy and sloppy

Expecting to know

Aggravated if they have to wait

It's a pitty

If they had to do it the old way

How fast they would know how good they have it

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