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Questions from the Platitude Platypus

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Used to being alone for so many years

Developed a serious case of lone wolf syndrome as a result

Surprised with functioning as part of the perfectly realistic bowling pair

Making each other laugh and enjoying a good cuddle every now and again

Managed to make it to a year and a half without any tabloid scandals

Consider that a major victory of epic proportions

Because a lot of relationships seemed based on extreme dramatic sports

Throwing glasses and plates at their partner's head for effect

Just a waste of good housewares instead of an emotional point

Many ask about how we've managed to function this long without a fight

Best way to explain that we're very much alike in temperament

And are fortunate enough to rationalize how we feel at that time

Without throwing any type of tantrums

Anxiety occasionally seeps into subconscious at worst moments

Making me question whether this was real or an optical illusion

Sometimes it's hard to believe any good fortune

Could be bestowed on someone so meek and awkward

Any form of praise or accolades feel completely foreign

Almost like a form of an alien language of sorts

Used to being yelled at and belittled by everyone

Hard to see that people see this dork as someone worthy of it

Found a partner who appeared to be on a similar wavelength

The same radio frequency where the black sheeps go to hang out

Met a man who was strong and sensitive in equal measures

Loved that he was in touch with his passions and feelings

Made it a nice balance to be with the counterpart to me

A person who suppressed their thoughts and vulnerabilities for so long

Buried them under dried molten lava and caked on deformed earth

He brought out my feminine wiles and self confidence

To the point where it excited and terrified me all at once

Made me realize that it was okay to be happy and a little scared at the same time

Longest successful relationship I've ever had

Proving that lack of experience and intuition go hand in hand

Ready to embrace good fortunes and not have to be obsessive over it

Living in the moment and not have to keep bestowing banal clichés

Just to make sure the night before wasn't part of my overactive imagination

Looking forward to each weekend to see him for the night

Just wish I could make it last longer

Oh well, have to take what I can get.

This lonely wolf doesn't have to stand alone anymore.

This lonely wolf doesn't have to stand alone anymore.

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