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Quaintrelle Poetry

Sink or Swim?

My lungs are filled with bubbles,

And the salt burns my tongue.

I'm trying to push through this ocean,

But now my eyes are stung.

I'm not giving up,

Not when I can still move my limbs.

Right now I can't decide,

Should I sink or should I swim?


Brightest Star

Help me carve my ribs,

Into a crescent boat.

Tell me if I'm glowing inside,

From stars hidden in my throat.

Decide if my black hole,

Is worth being filled.

Trail my shooting star from my eyes,

That I spilled.

In this galaxy you explore,

Ignore the random scratches and scar.

Just tell me if in this constellation,

Am I the brightest star?



Measuring tape,

Cuts off your breathing.

As you salute down your throat,

From binge eating.

Then decides to stuff,

Yourself with cotton.

Now all your teeth,

Have gone all rotten.



Ghosts haunt her stomach,

As her tongue burns for a taste.

She prays every night,

Wishing for a smaller waist.

Drying herself out,

From the things she misses.

Now she starts to wonder,

How many calories are in kisses?



There's always gonna be a lie,

Hidden in someones teeth.

As you start to wonder,

Why it's harder to breathe.

Have fun looking back,

And finding a knife.

Because everyone is a villain,

In someones life.