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Puzzle Is A Moment


A puzzle sometimes brings,

A heartfelt confusion,

And some can be arranged,

As mind set illusions.

Word games may come to mind,

Upside down and across.

Matching shapes form pictures,

And endless time be lost.


A puzzle relaxes,

Curing what stress will do.

If the puzzle is a game,

Then it is meant for you.

But often times we see,

A puzzling episode,

Confused with emotions,

And what we see unfold.


Treasure hunts are puzzles,

Thinking where to look,

Could be in a cave,

Or hidden in a book.

Solving crimes are puzzles.

Who do we blame for crime?

We look for many clues.

And focus on the time.


Puzzle is a moment,

A broken trail is lost,

Approach differently,

The route is simply crossed.

What puzzle is to you,

It may not be to me,

Every mind is unique,

What it is meant to see.

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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