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Push,Push, Beyond Your Own Limits

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It Is So Easy To Be Comfortable

Not wanting any more

Relaxing at home on the couch

Sitting back in a lazy chair

Doing the same job for years

You know that old routine

Like driving in your car

Going down along the highway and down through local streets

Then not knowing how you got somewhere

You drove because you have done it so many times before

On autopilot, your body knew where to go

Life can be a lot of the same thing

Some routines our good

Eating healthy and exercise regularly

Then other routines a little less helpful

Going to the local bar for a drink after work

Night after night

Sleeping late on Saturday morning because you can

It is easy to get lazy and fall into a trap

Going out to eat every other night of the week

Isn't the healthiest choice and can become a little costly in the wallet

Watching a little too much t.v. or playing computer games hours on end

You have to decide your limits if any

Then you have to decide what you want to get done

The hours in a day don't change

The older we get sometimes it is harder to do things

So do all you can now

Later you might be nursing the bum knee or that tender back

Keep your ideas alive and well in a journal

Then you can be your own judge

What is good or what is bad for you

Today there are apps on your phone to make note-taking even easier

You can use voice command so don't even have to write

This can be helpful but you still have to do the work

As my day starts out on the right foot

I will see if it stays that way or gets a little rocky

The winter months are the toughest for me

Because I like to nothing better than to sleep

Oh, wonderful sleep

Well, take a little time to do what you want

Even if you are having a bad hair day

Don't worry it is still early

Plenty of time to change