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Pursuing my Dream

Pursuing my Dream

The alarm clock went on at 6:00am,
Jumped out of bed but the dream still continued
In my head,
Scenes flashing in my head,
To where it all started.

I was off to school, undertaking classes at the University,
But didn’t knew which course I took,
I was about to enter a lecture room,
My father met me at the door,
He showed me in and told me,
“My child, this lecture room is for law students”
I stood and left the room thinking to myself,
“How come I’m taking law course as I don’t remember enrolling in law course”
I brushed the dream aside each day as,
The thought of becoming a lawyer never occurred to me before,
But now, it all goes back to the dream.

I had the dreamt three years ago,
I had the dream even before I became a legal assistant,
My father was still alive when I had the dream,
Now, my father is gone to be with the angels,
Now, I want to enroll at the University to study law next year,
My burning desire to become a lawyer is getting worse each day,
I won’t be where I am now,
It all goes back to the dream,
I'm sailing with my dream,
Because that’s where it all started.

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