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Purple Verbosity


I was reading an article on the use of purple prose. Which inspired me to write this linguistical manuscript of poetic wonderment.

purple prose

The use of words to paint the picture

you want your readers eyes to see.

My paintings would be Lowry’s

as I like simplicity.

An instrument of toil.

The sweat stained blacksmith made.

I much prefer it simpler

and call a spade a spade.

Standing on the precipice of the steep cliff.

The foaming waves crashing on the perilous rocks below.

A watery grave awaiting

in the murky depths below.

The cliff edge I am standing on

is the one inside my head.

The only danger if I step off

is a psychiatric bed.

The smell of stale beer and tobacco, emanating from his breath.

The beads of sweat dripping to the floor.

The picture of the night that I was raped

is carved into my mind for evermore.

No purple prose can paint a more harrowing sight

than the one I carry round inside my head.

The one that caused the heartache and the pain

and made me sometimes wish that I was dead.

The autumn leave where glistening in the rain,

those beautiful warm autumnal colours seeping through their veins

On this dark and dreary mid-November night

I thought I would lie down and go to sleep and maybe I would not wake up again.

The picture that I painted up above

Is not the one that I was trying to find

I just wanted to depart this mortal coil

And stop the pain that was running through my mind.

I have got myself into a better place.

Some peace of mind I have found at last.

It wasn’t always an easy thing to do

As I tried so hard to leave behind my past.

There is a place for purple prose

When and where to use it, is an art.

But sometimes you just need the simple words

When what your writing is coming from the heart.