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Through the window

This window

Shows my pain to be.

On days

Its burns inside of me.

Last night

I caught a glimpse of you.

It showed your shadow

And faded to dark.

You have my heart

And now were done.

I said you were

The one for me.

I'm sorry for

The pain I caused.

I never meant

To end it like that.

You have my heart

And want me back.

What can I do

Or ever say.

To make this pain

Just go away.

Should I say

The same to you?

It hurt me once.

Should it really

Hurt again?

I never got

My heart back that day.

You wanted me once

And I wanted to stay.

If I go back

The pain will fade.

The happy will

Always remain.

For you and me

The truth always was.

We are perfect together

And that's how

Every story should end.