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Pure Love

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Loving him is easy,

knowing him even easier.

Becoming part of his life,

was not something she ever expected.

Starting as friends,

and slowly developing their,

feeling until they could no longer deny it.

The love that was developing,

between them was one,

that was pure and bright.

It was a love that everyone,

suspected as being more than,

it began as, yet quickly

everyone learned that

the love they share is

real and one that can

conquer any obstacle.

For their journey to the

center of their hearts is one

that was written first in

misery and then lit up

by pure light and sunshine.

It was a journey that

they will both always cherish

because no matter how much

pain they face,

they overcame it all

and gained a love that

is true and pure.

© 2021 Emily

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