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Pure Beauty of Love

Do You Ever Take A Walk Into Hard Times, And Feel Your Deep In Quick Sand? Christ Is With You. "The Trinity Walk" It Is A Blessed Walk.~



Christ Just Slammed Dunked You

Christ Brought You To Your Knees

Reaching Out To Christ From

Being In Pain

Christ Will Cuddle You

His Arms Wrapped Tightly

Around You

Warm Rushes Continually Jet

Through Your Body, Heart,

And Mind

You Love This Purity Of Love

That Holds You Tightly And Sweetly

You Warn Yourself This Could Become

And Addiction That You Will Not

Let Go Of

You Now Belong To Christ

This Mysterious Holy Divine

Beauty Is Christ

Christ Is Now Part

Of You

The Holy Rushes You

Beg Mercilessly Not To

Ever Leave Your Presence

Christ Grace You Pray For

Christ Is Your True Love

Forever, Forever



Your Now Drifting Into

Christ Dance Steps

And Becoming Part

Of Christ World

Which Is Love

Your Heart Buds Are

Beginning To Awaken

Your Now Noticing

And Watching The

The Squirrels Playing

In A Divine Dancing Way

You Start Drifting Further

Away From The Security

Of The World

Possessions No Longer

Controls Your Desires

Your Discovering That There

Isn't Anything Complex

About The World

It's Becoming

Quite Simple And

Your Discovering

A New you

You Love Waltzing

To Christ Dance Steps

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