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Puppy's View

I remember only black,
And the up and down of truck,
I traveled, but saw no track;
Fear crawled all over my back,
I smelled misfortune, bad luck!

Times have passed, blindness faded;
By dazzling sunlight, greeted,
Then trees, metres overhead
To my eyes were shown, sighted;
And I was alone, frightened.

Dark dilemma was the air,
As wind's whispering danger,
And my master was not there;
No one to say what to wear:
Collar's valor or despair?

In the name of loyalty,
I sniffed, sniffed to find the
Only way back to homie;
I did great, and finally,
From nightmare forest, I'm free!

Quickly ran to my master,
But his heart did not flatter;
He shut my eyes and covered
Them with blindfold, start over,
I'm lost, few hours later!

© 2019 Eyji Noblesmith

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