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Pumpkin Pie - A Halloween Poem

I started writing poetry as a child. I write performance poetry, observational, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious human rights issues

Don't You Love to See a Grinning Carved Halloween Pumpkin?

A Grinning Carved Pumpkin - Warm and comforting but by no means ordinary.

That toothy grin, those staring eyes all lit up by a candle.

The One And Only Pumpkin Pie

Here's My Romantic Poem About The Lovely And Desirable Pumpkin Pie

It came to me as I was contemplating the fact that romance comes in strange forms - indeed, there is an old saying that every pot has its lid, and I was searching around to express that fact - that it's possible for everyone to find love somewhere, no matter how odd they are.....after all, we all have imperfections, some just a little more obvious than others. And people who are a bit unusual themselves are quite often willing to make allowances for other weirdos - indeed it makes them feel more comfortable to know that they are not alone in their idiosyncracy.

So I hope this will warm the hearts of all those people who feel they are not capable of attracting love - of course you are - you are just looking in the wrong place.

My Poem - Pumpkin Pie - You Would Love Pumpkin Pie Too!

Pumpkin Pie

Her rounded arms engulf me

Her round eyes radiate charm

I keep her in the kitchen

To safeguard her from harm

I love to stroke her golden skin

So smooth and cool to touch

I wouldn't look at a girl who's thin

I love my wife too much

And when I call her Pumpkin Pie

Devour her with my eyes

She smiles at me and gives a sigh

As I cut her down to size

I've carved a life for her and me

Her flickering eyes are bright

A smile as wide as wide can be

A dark hole swathed with light

She only lights up once a year

But that's enough for me

A candle right inside her head

Her grin so full of glee

Pumpkin is my lover

Pumpkin is my wife

I'll never love another

Whilst Pumpkin still has life

Even Pumpkins Can Philosophize:

Take This Poll About Pumpkin Love - Be Serious, Now -

© 2017 Diana Grant

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DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on October 20, 2019:

That's a spooky sort of poem! Just right for Hallowe'en

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on October 31, 2018:

A lovely poem, enjoyed reading.

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on October 16, 2017:

Beautifully done!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on October 12, 2017:

Diana, this was both funny and enjoyable. I can't call my wife Pumpkin Pie though because she dipoesn't like them.

Scott Andersen on October 11, 2017:


Shannon Henry from Texas on October 10, 2017:

Cute idea! Ivam one of those people who looks forward to pumpkin flavored things each fall. Last year we grew some of our own right in our front yard, thanks to kids dropping seeds. LOL.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on October 10, 2017:

That's a lovely poem about Pumpkin Pie. I've only ever tried Pumpkin Pie once but I really enjoyed it. It's not something that's very popular here in England, but I'm glad I got to try it. It was delicious!

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