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Psychedelic Love


Psychedelic Love

Curiosities set unbound
As fantasies unwind,
Colours emerge
In the psychedelic mind.

Spiritual love
In mystical existence,
Creates vibrant illusions
Of fond reminiscence.

In this mundane world
Of black and whites,
Emotions seek mercy
As passion ignites.

Untamed desires
And lust unleashed,
Leads to sinful conviction
Of thoughts intrigued.

Souls unite
In smokey dreams,
Lost, often, in reality,
With a silent scream.

Farah N Huq

A psychedelic mind knows no bounds and can reach the deepest realms of emotions but quite often it's not in sync with the real world around us, where such unbound sentiments are better left obtunded.


Psychedelic Love ~ Melody

© 2020 Farah N Huq

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