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Psalms of Love. Saturday's Inspiration 38, to The Esteemed Writer Peggy Woods

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Saturday morning

The Silence is singing, like song-birds. She resonates with the glorious morn, even as the verdant green glows and the white light peeps through the vastness of an opalescent sky. It is Saturday, noticeably quieter, as some souls still lie in repose.

The resonance of the long-distance trains, some 300 metres away, flashes past like thunder as my Heart stirs, whispering praises, to Love.

Come to me, you in this arid desert; I will give you the oasis of the Heart


You and You Alone

Deep into the twilight zone of Silence,

I knew the sweetest drunkenness of Love.

Dining at the banquet of this fine wine, was

Truly a magical boon, granted solely by my Beloved.

No more parting. Gone are those long walks of

Disenchantment --those rugged roads so scorching,

They singe my breath and burn my lungs, like a rotten cold.

For now, we sing and dance under moonlights,

Breath kissing breath, like soul-mates, separation

Huddled back into time-zones, we have no wish to recall.

Lovers like to retire when older, live amongst

Landscapes and beautiful streams. Their lives of

Dream-filled hopes, riding the clouds, glowing like

Fireflies in the silent ether; hoping to manifest in regal

Mountains; whisper to snow-clad foliage and streams.

Now that You and I can live this way as One,

What else do I need? One cute gaze at Thy

Candescence, and the blue moon and twinkling

Stars blush, knowing, like small children, that all

That is magnificent, belongs to You and You alone.

My Sweet Shyama, I was once a lost child,

Crying in the arid dessert, but now I’ve found

You, my oasis, on whose lap I peacefully repose.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 20th August, 2021


The Psalm of The Seeress

Don’t grieve, sweet angel, your loss is but

A candle of memories, burning with the desire

To free your chains. Should you be rich in daily

Opulence, will you value the diligence of work?

Love sends you thorns, only to

Replace them with roses. Why go

To Lourdes for healing, when the

Sanctity you seek, resides within the Heart?

You are Love’s Artiste, scribbling a very

Unique manuscript, in quest of Joy.

Yet the Joy is within you; the search itself,

An unfolding ballad from The Beloved’s feet.

O Lantern, do you comprehend this truth? Dive

Within, kiss the beauty of moonlight, shining on the Soul.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 29th March, 2019

Seeking the peaceful blue flower, of Thy infinity


Aphorism by Manatita

"Happy are those who eat of Thy food;

Happy are those, who rise with Love's Gratitude." - Manatita

Quote by William Hazlitt

"We do not see nature with our eyes,

But with our understandings and our Hearts." - William Hazlitt

God's Glory Reflected


© 2021 manatita44

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