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Prose vs Poetry

I am a public high school teacher and a freelance writer. Passion led me here and I am happy to be sharing my thoughts with you.

As writers, do you remember a time when you were caught between the two, like two lovers torn amid? Whom did you choose, Prose or Poetry?

There was a writer full of passion

To him it was a tough decision

Once caught between two loggerheads

Poetry or prose, whom shall the soul heeds?

Prose is rigid, long and boring

Grammatical follow up to meaning

Like Apollo who’s calm and loyal

As he tells his life’s story, he was loved magical

Poetry is provoking, adventurous and uncertain

A rebellion to traditional rhyme scheme

Like Dionysus who’s madness and spontaneity

Overflows in pleasure and wild frenzy

The writer torn with the two

Prose promises to build a life, long and lasting

Poetry says let’s get lost in time

Is living the moment a crime?

He contemplates quite a number

Whom does the heart prefer?

Beguiling muses he still admires

To literature he gathers advice

Undecided in this quandary

Like two lovers torn amid, she says

You can play the lyre or drink wine

But you can’t have both at the same time

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