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Proletariat Tanka

I enjoy working with and explaining proper usage of various precision instruments used in Science labs.


Proletariat Tanka

On open mountain

endless clouds on vast brown plains

city blocks on bike

there is a job that needs done

a place for person to be.

For our daily sweat

will grow opportunity

a healthy respect

for ones repetitive toil

under neighbors willow tree.

Let me work with you

let my work provide shelter

even if branches

heavy wool blankets off loom

to keep us warm as we sleep.

No matter how far

my mind went there was the work

survival labor

a love of a skill well learned

paid to give it a practice.

We work for balance

between the night and the day

to earn and to live

for the fresh air in our lungs

or spot purple wild flowers.

When the markets crash

the need for labor will rise

a focused work force

working for community

support a home for family.

Our efforts sturdy

our will rooted in the ground

we will pick berries

spend time in the apple trees

mango in backyard acre.

Remember the work

exhausted fingers rubbed bare

from shoveling dirt

behind the back hoe driver

works next to the Pinion Pine.

We will work in field

the chill night before the sun

to hold our hot drinks

before collecting harvest

to afford our dinners.

Moving bails of hay

outside in the mountain air

for a deep hard work

a great sleep as a reward

keeping ourselves fit and trim.

© 2020 Jamie Lee Hamann

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