Product of an Overachieving Millennial

Updated on January 12, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Have a predisposition to be completely impatient

Never enjoyed playing in "The Waiting Game"

Standing in line at the supermarket was a boring task

Especially when you're on a tight schedule and plans were made

Might not demonstrate the best decorum at all times

Understandably so when your patience ran thinner than ice

Anger boiled so hot that it made it impossible for temperament to grow

Stabilize to the point where the ice doesn't crack and you fall through it

Struggling to stay afloat in the mirthless pit of an arctic cold lake

Always been the type of person that shoots first and asks questions

Much later than it should be in any type of standard operating procedure

Looking for instant results with no time left on the stop watch to read instructions

Usually end up having to start over due to missing a crucial step

Explaining those flights of impulsive fancy has some pluses from like-minded souls

My rushes to judgment can be easily recognizable for the Internet Generation

People born in Generation Y like to examine the whole picture before any decision

They don't just look for avenues to become successful anymore

Searching for meaning among the glitz, glamour and money of the world

Politics don't mean a thing, unless there was something behind the rhetoric

At the same time, this particular millennial had no time to waste

Everything was always on a deadline and an unattainable standard

Needed to be fulfilled in order to feel as if something was accomplished today

Strange to think that people every have the opportunity to slow down

Sitting back and literally smelling those pesky roses everyone loves to talk about

Never allowed that opportunity due to taking on too much work

And always worrying about when the other shoes will crash down into the room

Obliterating the picture perfect existence carved out of stone and marble

Strange combination, but strong materials helped to build a strong foundation

Back to the need for speed to pick up the pace

Born in a time when people were always on the go from work to socializing

No in-between was allowed because people often mixed business with pleasure

Nowadays, it's even worse than it was in the 1980s

Technology has upgraded and made everything instantaneous

Relationships and packages have to come at the speed of light

Faster than Superman and Clark Kent combined for goodness sake

Quicker than a fictitious superhero; now that's a laugh in itself

Looking for some substance beyond all the stylish make-up, hairspray, etc.

Haven't been able to find it as of yet

Everyone seemed to be putting up their best front forward

Desperate to look good for their peers, their partners and themselves

Honesty buried under so much pretense that it was hard to swallow

Ready to turn off the technology for a while and decompress

Time to go on a vacation and recharge those batteries

Even if it was for a day; the moment has come to take a step back

Hopefully, things will be better once you return.

Faster than a speeding bullet? Maybe. Maybe not.
Faster than a speeding bullet? Maybe. Maybe not.


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    • Brenda Arledge profile image


      6 months ago from Washington Court House


      Things always seem better after a vacation.

      The hussle of this world can keep one moving too much making one forget it is important to take time out for oneself.

      Every day try to do something just for yourself. Maybe reading or writing more poetry.

      Relax a bit...the world will not stop or fall apart.

      Nice read.


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