Procreating Passion Mating

Updated on December 11, 2017

We harmonize love like a gift of the prize.The flowers start to bloom we create something amazing a picture so set from a movie set

Like a Quantum She's so poised with elegance. Her eyes full of hope and promise hearing your words and music Classical

Like One day "Creation" dancing like

the Egyptian.

She lives in her spiritual love mansion.

Like a law of power of attraction.

Likewise, this gift follows me.

He see's the beauty of a science.

The relationships.

What's really true in this philosophy

Her love hands how she moves me

like a written policy.

The love balancing hope and awareness.

So swooned by someone like a paradox.

She was the sly fox

The love naturally in original form.

So may shapes came at her

everyone wanted to be her.

How the layers were twisted and tied

to form

Was she human or not really?

What form did she turn herself into?

like the ebb of darkness but grace hold

her loveliness

He caught her loving heart

and stoled her not to console her

Is there another male? Things get tree shady

So love transcendent and Celestial Lady

She's making a pricey purchase of a sale

.He loved to watch her he would do anything for her.

Even on his knees. He was so in love adding up all

their prairie of hopes.

Can I retouch you with my paintbrush.

The nude portrait of her there's no rush

A brush

New virgin-like crush

Mulberries around the bush

Something manifests more preaching and


The spiritual sense teaching this was a natural order

So like "Taoism" such truth as a liberty

How it got me with such realism.

We are all one connected to this earth,

So blissful for what it's worth

the law of attraction and love fullness,

relationships to be blessed.

How someone holds you forever but never

leaves you.

We procreate move with the flow to meditate.

Who will we see? Like a cassada my candy fruit of

relationships. The Godly land or the "Neverland"

The hope and promise not like a Candyland,

ship of love sail

heaven to earth above. I love to have a warm and

close-knit time with friends.

Talking with the feel-good sense

Godly so meaningful in pretense

Everything we touch on this planet is beautiful.

To all of us eventually, it will make sense

You need to ask yourself "Why" when you understand that one word give yourself high five

The love awakening spiritual strong connection "Procreation" the art of lovemaking

How he resisted the thought to trace the dark sky with their curves and how much they can both connect their dots to fly

© 2017 Robin Carretti

Oh! Yes this was it how he knew that he pulled her to love capture with love composure how he can feel her closeness

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    • RobinReenters profile image

      Robin Carretti 6 weeks ago from Hightstown

      Thanks so much I am happy to hear this how it reacted to you and said it is wise

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 6 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

      I loved this Robin. Deep but wise words to contemplate. Well written.