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Private Ambassadorship

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Bringing the month to a close after an eventful week

Never thought past demons would be confronted

Always believed that some jagged edges would remain

Due to rushed nature of the conclusion

Not enough time and consideration to come to settlement

Shocked when other party knocked on technology's door

Decided to take a rather hesitant chance

One eye always open for the knife or word to twist

Annoyed those who believed that certain doors

Needed to remain padlocked no matter what

Too much hate in the world to focus on long ago dramas

Too old and semi-evolved to hang onto to anything forever

Sure, nothing was the same at least for the narrator

Pink haze ran out of steam almost two years ago

No longer as innocent as once privately deemed

Wanted all of the bitterness to wash away in the shower

Going down the sewer system to never return

Some progress made; not entirely there yet

Felt more resolved after a long arduous dry spell

Still on shaky ground when it comes to judgment

A lot of long buried feelings kicked up after a brief dust storm

Not willing to go backwards after so much progress made

Realized that there was no real justification for being angry

Figuring out how to fully let that below surfacing feeling go

Not sure who allies currently are; never seeing their full honesty

Shared a few extra truths and received a little backlash

Withdrawing and going further inward the turtle's shell

Burying head in the sand to hide away from prying eyes

Felt a little ashamed to have these feelings; or any for that matter

Always circling around the self doubt drain unable to get away

Making a clean break to drier and more solid footing

Demonstrating sincerity and also a hidden level of irritation

Unsure of whether of ever doing the right thing

In conflict with personal instincts and pleasing others

Never a good combination to have

Both sides never fulfilled entirely

Taking a break from making definite plans

Decided to ride the emotional wave

Until it runs out of steam and move onto a different one

Best mode of transportation at this point in time

Despite the opinions of others

Simply have to ride the wave.

Have to ride the wave no matter where it takes you.

Have to ride the wave no matter where it takes you.

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