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Prisoner of the Light and Other Brief Thoughts


Prisoner of the Light

I am not a prisoner to any dark, I am a prisoner of the light.

I am a prisoner of my fond memories, the ones that shine more brightly than the present.

I am the remnants of the last note in a beautiful song that isn't quite ready to end.

I am the echo of my aspirations which are not shattered but canceled until further notice.

I am a good dream playing over and over again, on repeat.

How many times can it repeat before it becomes a nightmare?

How long does it take for the light to mix in with the dark until you can no longer tell

which is which?


Thoughts about 2020

The world is an ugly place, filled with ugly people.

For a while, I was fooled.

It is true: there are little rays of sunshine on this Earth, in the form of people, who provide us shelter from the storm.

But these people are rare, and often their light is put out by strong winds, lightning and thunder.

Those things come in the form of people, too.


The Ambush of my Ambition

The sun rises, the sun sets,

The darkness teased me and now it's laughing,

It fed on my ambition, and now it says, "This will do."

© 2020 Jillian Cleland

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