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Prisoner of Love

There are so many silent hurting souls out there. Hearts that have endured the worst from those they love.


Prisoner of Love

Falling deeply in love

Surrendering your heart and soul

Believing, it is true Love

Manipulated, used and abused

By the perpetrator that captured your heart

Pure, undiluted, rich, potent love

You have become selfless to such evil

You can't do without him

You would do anything he asks of you

To please him

You have entwined your soul and heart in him

Now, there is no you

All you see is him

He threatens you

To keep you in line

In line, not to make him angry

But you MUST be happy for him all the time

Even if you're dying

You better be happy

That makes him happy to do his dirty deeds

He is never home during the day

But has the night falls

Here he comes

You better make him happy

Dinner better be ready

You better serve him

Then get your little butt in bed

And make your body ready

Hug him! Like a Mama

Put him to bed

After he is asleep

You may go

Until he calls for you

Prisoner of Love

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