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Princess Facing Death and Life

Kenneth has a taste for abstract/prose poetry as well as the comical side of life. 23-years of writing for a newspaper has served him well.


Time stopped at your tears

Cast down, you found the dawn.

You gazed silently into his fears

Heartbeats counted by boulders brawn.

You reigned softly raindrops kissing your eyes

Sprites and butterflies solaced the loss

Magic to you were wooden, tongue of lies.

You cried to the skies in Scotland’s moss.

Your hands groping through faith and hope

Trusting the invisible, the invincible

Clinging to mountain wisdom’s lost rope.

One ally, sole friend, you are indivisible.

Your robe trails on tops of clouds at night

Ravens bow, serpents heads hang down

Holding your sparkle of life so right.

Weeping to rose petal on unforgiving ground.

You sit, you think, but he is nowhere near

His touch, his words, and laughter soft

His kiss, his touch, his faith crowing your fear.

In another year, you shall hear, a small cry . . .

In another year, you and he live, laughter nigh.

Writer's summary – love is easy to the young ones at time;

their sole enemy stalking their heart filled with blind love.



© 2019 Kenneth Avery