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Pride That Doesn't Lie

I'm not just staying a while
My heart is purely open
Loving you so hard is so easy
I'm not afraid of the words I've spoken

You know all about me now
If I once hid, now I'm outside
It's better to know how to survive
Courage is pride that never lied

Crawling from a pile of stones
Whoever threw them hit their mark
But my soul survived the rubble
Your love cleansed me in the dark

I never knew I had a home
Being free leaves no memory
At least not sentimental tears
Being strong is wandering calmly

The last thing is not being wanted
No vow binds, no promise ties
Our hearts know what they want
To meet another that flies

The poems we share are true
The art of love is romance revolution
We have overthrown our nature
And found the way of loves evolution