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Preventing Another Occurrence #2

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She argued with those people claiming that they possibly have gotten wrong medical reports for her, but those people would not answer her again. After leaving the hospital she has confronted her husband

With the details of the hospital findings and the man denied knowing what she was talking about. This confounded the young lady and went to the elder person to confide in him. The person asks that she should tell her husband that he wants to see her. When the young

Man got to the man it was then that the young man told the man that his wife has not been satisfying him sexually, whenever he asks for sex, she will deny him the right to her, saying that sex is not food. Sometimes when she will agree to my sexual advancement she will also

Ask for money or that I buy something big for her before consenting. As she continues to do this I become grossly unhappy and my friends in the office got to know what I was passing through when they noticed that I was not discharging my duties regularly. Then told

Me that I should not kill myself on any lady that the lady is satisfying herself outside and since she is satisfying herself somewhere else, it is no crime if he also starts satisfying himself outside. As an “in-in” person I told them I know nowhere, they are the ones who told

Me not to worry that they will take me to where I would be finding maximum comfort and enjoyment for myself anytime of the day that I want it. That was how I started and have been having fun outside. I have been using drugs to mask my sexually transmitted diseases,

He has told the man. Since I used to pay her money or must present to her something big with begging before she allows me on her, and those people I will not beg them before they agree to me, all I have to do is have my money on me and sometimes they

Will even allow me without money because they know I will settle them, I have not been looking at the side of my wife again, even the time that she has stipulated that we shall be meeting, I wanted to cancel that individual person goes to people who are satisfying them,


But it was my friends who say I should not do that and that was why we used to meet occasionally he stated. The elder man sighed, saying this is terrible. Look at woman’s life oh, “when they do terrible thing, they will say terrible thing has befallen them” she is the one

Who has brought on her and on you this, the elder man replied. The man called the woman to discuss with her that it is what she did that is fighting back, it is what she did that has caused the troubles on her, he then explained to her how it all started. She wept bitterly

On hearing this, saying that though she is social but she does not like sex and she has been thinking her husband too would not like sex, she has been thinking that she has been protecting and preserving her love and family by what she is doing. She went back to the

Hospital and they told her that she is pregnant but her fetus has been affected by the sexually transmitted diseases, if she does not wish to spend all her days in sadness over the baby she is carrying the pregnancy needs to be terminated. After the abortion of the

Pregnancy, they will treat her and her husband and would monitor their health so that such would not happen when she becomes pregnant again. The elder man called them together after they were treated and appealed to them to be faithful to each other stating that

The lady has no right over her body again since she has been married, all her body belongs to her husband and the same with her husband it is the wife who owns his body too. They need forget what has happened and chart a new course for their lives if they really want

To live long. He asked them to apologize to each other and promise that they will start a new life from thenceforth. They apologized to each other and promised to start living a new life from thenceforth not defrauding each other…


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