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Preventing Another Occurrence #1

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is a moral man, he has been brought up by disciplined parents. When it was time for him to be married his antenna of love has sensed one of the maidens in the neighborhood. When people started seeing them together, they have been saying among themselves that they

Cannot be married to each other because the lady likes social vibes while the young man does not like going out, he is an “in-in” person as someone has put his nature. He hardly interacts and mingles with people in the neighborhood. This has made them to think that they

Are not compatible and would not be married. Contrary to their opinion and reasoning, the lady has decided to be romantically involved with the young man, she says after wards to people who have asked her of the reason for her choice of the man that, she knows she is an

“out-out” person and she does not desire to marry an “out-out” person like her, she wants someone who will always be there for her at home, someone who will be her reason to always want to come back home, but if she has married someone whose personality is like

Hers’ then their children would have some problems she has said. this she does not want to happen to her children, thence she has considered the young man to be romantically involved with. Their relationship was soon consummated according to the demands of the island and

They are married and started living together. But something striking happened in their home that surprised the elder in the neighborhood that the young man has contacted for assistance. Everyone in the neighborhood has been asking themselves that would the young

Man be able to sexually satisfy the young woman? They ask this because they know the maiden is a social lady and would have had different experience in the act, but the young man who is an inside person would have limited experience along that line even if he has any

Experience at all, and for such a person to be married to such lady how would he be able to satisfy her? In no distant time, the maiden would have concubines and their marriage would collapse, the people have been reasoning before they marry. After their marriage what they


Envisaged happened but not according to how they have dreamt it would happen, because it was the young woman who could not sexually satisfy the young man, she is the one who is defrauding the young man. The young man has been enduring this for long, but when he

Could not endure it again he did what the lady could never dreamt of that he will do, he started patronizing the sex workers the wife thought she was having her way at home unknown to her that her husband has been satisfying his sexual urge outside. At a time, the

Man does not ask her for sex again because he knows how to satisfy himself and the woman never bothers. The man says to himself that it is a person who is not wise that hunger pangs grip during the fasting period this is because someone who is wise would have found a

Corner to satisfy his hunger pangs. Thus, he keeps on patronizing different sex workers without protection. Once every two months that his wife would allow him to touch her, he would not give her a cause to be suspicious of his actions. However, during the period he has

Been satisfying himself, he has contracted sexually transmitted diseases which he has transferred to the lady. When the woman started noticing some strange signs on her body and private part, she has gone to the hospital for treatment and she has been diagnosed to have

Contracted sexually transmitted disease. She replied the medial personnel that such cannot be because she has been faithful to her partner. Then the medical personnel have told her that if she is sure that she is faithful to her partner then the only logical explanation for What happened to her is that her husband has not been faithful to her.


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