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Beautiful Boy

You will know me! Soon or maybe later cant really decide now.

You daunt me
But I would still like to flaunt you
Dark hooded eyes
Shadows fluttering like the wings of birds beneath those eyelashes
Who hurt you?
Don’t answer that
Who loved you?
But I guess you never intend to answer them anyway.
Not now
Not ever
Not to even to yourself

But I have seen the way you hide behind the cocoon of yourself
An image of
An indifference attitude
They way you swagger in your tortured soul
Your restlessness in your wandering spirit
A carefree imp
An incorrigible sadist
Who hurt you?
Who loved you?

I would like to unravel you
Peel away these shadows that lurk behind your eyes.
Strip you of your every masquerade mask you wear for every occasion
I would like to see you naked
Not naked in form
But of mind.

I want to see your defenses down
I want you to lower your guard

Can you?

And you still haven’t answered my question

Who hurt you?

Oh! Shoot

I meant who loved you?

© 2022 Akosua Ago Mansa