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Pretending that I have moved on

Pretending that I’ve accept that I’ll never won

Seeing you with him

Brings nightmares to my dream

I’m happy for you

That statement is true

But deep within my heart

Is a wish that I am the one playing his part

Your happiness is all I ever wanted

I also wish I was the reason for that happiness to never end

But you’re happy now and I could never change that

You are smiling and that’s what I want

I wish I was him

All I can do is dream

I won’t bother you anymore

Or even show up on your door

Acceptance is hard to achieved

The pain experienced is hard to believe

But what is important is her happiness

Even if the cost is your sadness

Now all you can do is look from afar

Leave them peacefully and accept the loss in this war

Pretend you are okay for what happened

And let your overthinking end