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I wanna be part of the clouds
The sky
The stars
The Moon
Be a bird cause at least I'll know that I could travel
That I have traveled
Seeing all the beautiful things the world has given
Sitting here in a box
A situation
I don't see what the world is supposed to be
I don't see how the world is supposed to be
I'd rather Heaven having another Angel than Satan to have another victim
Sadly I am one of his victims
I don't want to be but yet I am
It's a burden to me
The inconsistency
No motivation
Just pain
An ache
My soul is on fire but not in that good way
I'm behind
In my own world
In my own lane
Everybody's ahead of me
And time is just ticking away
I'm becoming one noted
A broken record

© 2021 Chelsea Charlotten

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