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Present Hope


I hope you take away something positive. Different perspectives keep me inspired.


Present Hope

"Happy for a minute, sad for a week
Living for a life I earnestly seek."

Life can be shit, but it comes and goes.
Invest the time in where the wind blows.

"I don't care anymore, I'm full of content
accepting of loss as I begin the descent."

Hollowed inside and drowned in doubt,
inside the broken, a flood in the drought.

Memories of the things once held dear
brought to the surface by the drip of a tear.

Ecstacy in amongst the dread
The meaning of love hanging on by a thread.

Smother the pain so the rope is forgotten
New Season, new year, no feeling downtrodden.

"Looking back, was it really that bad?
I can't remember, I'm alive and Im glad."

"God I plead, I focus and pray
for the worries I leave behind, right here, on this day."

"Accepting of the future and looking back on the past
right this present moment, I'm here now at last."

© 2018 Adam Mason

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