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Premonitional Truth


How do you

Get so in tune with someone

You feel their every emotions

From pain, fear, uncertainty, down to sadness?

How in the world

Does a supposedly simple relationship

Turn so complicated in a jiffy

Friendship, it is said

Is a platonic relationship between two

But this thing I feel deep within

Seems far from simple

I once thought I was going insane

Thought crazy was me

As I felt emotions which weren't mine

Thoughts I wouldn't harbour

Flow through every part of me

But seeing him that night

I knew it in a heart beat

It was never me

Hadn't been me all along

But the tall stranger from far off

My lover and friend

''I disconnected'', so he said

''Honestly I did too'' was my lie

For how was I to explain

Let him talk through his pain to me?

How was I to tell him

I was also taking bits of his pain?

That he was sharing his thoughts with me somehow

How did this friendship get this deep

Although withering underneath... Maybe


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